20 lessons that entrepreneurship has left in my life

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“I have a business idea …” This phrase is common in university, job, and business corridors because entrepreneurship is fashionable.

20 lessons that entrepreneurship has left in my life
20 lessons that entrepreneurship has left in my life

Since I graduated, I’ve wanted to do something that makes sense in my life. I didn’t want to take a job out of fear (like many others), I wanted to do something out of conviction. And although it wasn’t an easy decision, it was the one that allowed me to tell the best story.

More than two years have passed since I decided to become an entrepreneur. Since I started digital publishing, I’ve learned great lessons: some difficult ones and others that satisfy me, but generally lessons that have not only made me a successful entrepreneur, but also made me a better person.

Below I share 20 lessons that entrepreneurship has left me in my life:

one. ship is not a race that is won by being in the first place. It is a long-distance race that is won in the long term.

two. Attitude is the best tool an entrepreneur can have, and constancy is the best complement.

3rd Every day you find a reason to stop, you need to know how to ignore them and look ahead.

Four. Living on entrepreneurship will never be easy, which is why so few people do it.


5. Passion is necessary to do business. Not because it is nice to do what you want, but because it is mandatory to survive so many difficulties.

6. Being rich, owning your time, or being your own boss may not be your reasons for doing so. This is a consequence of living on your purpose.

7. ship is not just about starting a business, it is a lifestyle you practice every day and wonder what you can do today to improve your life.

8th. Being an entrepreneur requires you to be ready to learn something new every day. College is not enough to be successful.

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9. You need to surround yourself with people who are better than you to face any challenge associated with building a successful business.

10th If you want to go fast, you can work alone. If you want to go far, you have to work as a team.

eleven. As an entrepreneur, you don’t have to know all the answers, you have to know where to look for them.

12th Having no money is not a good reason not to start the life of your dreams. Start cheaply.


13. Don’t expect a great business idea to quit your job and dedicate yourself to it. Ideas make up only 5% of the entrepreneur’s success.

14. First of all, nobody can support you. Some call you crazy, risky and even “wrong”. Do not believe their fears, they will talk about how they met you in the future.

fifteen. Don’t talk about your goals, dreams, or aspirations. Work in silence and let it speak for you. When you speak, you feel the same satisfaction of having achieved it without actually doing it.

16. If the start were easy, there wouldn’t be so many employees or people criticizing those who tried.


17th You have to give up a lot of securities like your salary, family stability and professional benefits to make your dream come true. Without a doubt it will be worth it.

18th Build a business that takes your lifestyle into account. There’s no point in getting up every morning to start something you don’t like.

19th The goal is not to get to the cemetery with money, but to enjoy it while we get there. You may want money, there’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t sacrifice your life to fill your bank account.

twenty. Regardless of whether you start a business or not, make sure that you get up every day to do something that you are passionate about, that will make you jump out of bed, and that will turn your days into minutes.

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