2 Ways To Make Money Online This Month

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According to Statista, sales of E-commerce more than $ 4.88 trillion. Since 2015 Time magazine An estimated 3.2 billion people access the Internet every day. In the United States, Statista states that 196 million people die social networks.

2 Ways To Make Money Online This Month
2 Ways To Make Money Online This Month

The The digital opportunities for entrepreneurs are enormousGiven the billions of users the network has because they can grow their business and make profits online in 21+ different ways.

There is a ton of content out there on how to make money online. You may have read articles about teaching courses, coaching, selling digital information products, and providing digital services. Today I want to share with you two non-traditional ways that you can make money digitally to improve your business. Use them to increase your income.

1. Freelance work for companies

Companies hire entrepreneurs to create audiovisual and written content and they pay them very well for it. They can pay you to write posts for their blogs, create content for their podcasts, write newsletters for their mailing campaigns, create funnels, write social media posts, create content plans, and much more.

In the US, these types of content creation jobs pay $ 25,000 per funnel, $ 4 per word for written content, $ 4,000 for 30 minutes of audio content, and $ 6,000 for 30 minutes of video content. Remember that corporate budgets are huge.

One way of finding these types of opportunities is through the use of job websites. You can go to sites like Indeed, Monster, etc. And look for the kind of work that you can do. For example, you can search for “podcast” and get a list of companies hiring for many podcast-related jobs. And it works the same for other types of opportunities as a freelancer.

This shows you that the company needs something that you can provide. Businesses understand the value of creating digital content. Convince your company’s marketing manager and show them why it is better to hire you as a freelancer than as a full-time employee.

You can show them that you have fewer risks and greater responsibility because they can pay you for every job they deliver without getting on the payroll. It can be a very interesting offer for a company. A simple search on their company page or their LinkedIn profile will tell you who the marketing director is and once you find him, put your sales pitch together.

Share information that lets them know you are an expert, show them previous work, talk about the benefits of freelancing, and give them options on what you can do for the company. Identify what type of content you want to create and find who needs it. There are billions in profits for hungry entrepreneurs. And this is the best time of year to get hired. Do not limit your mindset so as not to limit your income potential.

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2. Paid deed

The seven largest business and personal growth publications in the US receive more than 500 million visits per month. And the numbers get even bigger when you factor in other categories like entertainment, technology, fashion and lifestyle. Statista estimates that digital publications receive more than 1 billion visits per day. This has created a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get their message and that of their company across to an ever-growing audience.

You can create a database for email campaigns and a social media fan base. You can promote your books, products, services, and courses. In the short term this year you can get money for the creation of audiovisual and written content.

There are many posts that pay for content. A simple Google search for “media that pay for content” gives you many options. You don’t have to be a super entrepreneur to get a paid writing job. Send suggestions that talk about who you are and why you are an expert in the field. Tell them what you want to write for their medium. Show examples of your work and even give away some items so they can see you write.

Make your presentation attractive and win over it with a title that will make it curious for the editor to open your email. Send suggestions and take advantage of these opportunities.

Don’t let anything get in the way of your strategy. It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur. Use the internet and social networks to grow your business and add new sources of income to your life.

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