The SushiSwap community has just approved a migration from Uniswap to its own native platform, which was created by forging the original project. Almost 87% of the vote was for migration. Currently, the ETH / SUSHI pair on Uniswap has liquidity of nearly $ 180 million.

The total value of SushiSwap rose from zero to $ 1.4 billion in just a few days. This would put the recently launched DeFi project behind Uniswap and connect it to Maker and Aave. Like many other DeFi projects, it started with limited security reviews. A review (not an audit) of Quantstamp identified several security vulnerabilities, none of which are critical. Jaye Harrill, Quantstamp’s communications manager, told Cointelegraph:

On the surface, Sushiswap looks like another vegetable farm that was built overnight, with an endless annual yield percentage published by the anonymous NomiChef. However, if we take a closer look, we find a very engaged community in discord that really speaks of the growth of the project they are engrossed in. “

$ 180 million in SUSHI for migrating from UniSwap to SushiSwap$ 180 million in SUSHI for migrating from UniSwap to SushiSwap

PeckShield conducted a formal code security audit and found no critical security vulnerabilities.

The idea behind the fork is to further decentralize the project. although apparently the pseudo-anonymous founders will keep 10% of the token offering.