18 part-time business opportunities

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Have you ever dreamed of driving one? deal Part time without having to leave your normal job or just want to take your first tests with the world of entrepreneurship before committing to full time? Regardless of your reason, here are 18 ways to start your own part-time business.

1. Antiques

18 part-time business opportunities
18 part-time business opportunities

Make money off of treasures from the past and have fun doing it! You can visit yard sales, flea markets, and specialty stores to find furniture, toys, clothing, and other historic goodies. You can rent a place in antique cooperatives or stand in specialized markets on weekends.

2. Computer teacher

You may be an expert on Windows, Linus, web research, HTML, or word processing. You can help other people improve their computer skills. Start teaching through organizations in your community and formulating adult education courses.

3. Jewelry and accessories

Use your creative talents when designing custom jewelry and accessories. Whether you are working with silver or recycled materials, clay or paper mache, there is a market for special designs of earrings, pins, bracelets, necklaces and buckles that you can sell in markets, fairs, boutiques and online.

4. Coffee trolley

According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, every cup of specialty coffee makes a profit between 55.1% and 61.5%. So, if you enjoy drinks like coffee and tea, you can buy and rent a coffee cart for your community events, concerts or markets.

5. Cleaning of garages and attics / moving services

Nobody likes to spend the weekend cleaning the house – it’s messy and time consuming, and when you’re done you still have to take all the trash with you. But if you don’t mind doing a little physical labor, cleaning service can be fun. You can even find some treasure among things other people throw away, and you can increase your bottom line by recycling bottles, newspapers, and scrap metal. You need a pickup truck or other vehicle that can move large materials.

6. Craftsman

If something is broken, you can fix it. Your phone won’t stop ringing for inquiries from seniors and anyone else who doesn’t want (or know) how to fix a problem with their homes. You can get acquainted on social networks, in the Tlapalerías in your area or with flyers. Then you can fix anything you can from bathroom leaks to broken windows.

7. Home inspection

Home buyers need an expert eye that can do a thorough review of the property they are looking to buy. Knowing the building and housing codes can help you investigate the structural problems of a place and recommend repair workers (or do the repairs yourself).

8. Medical transcripts

Be part of a medical team without leaving your home. In doctors’ offices, dentists, chiropractors, and veterinarians, there is a high demand for people who can transcribe patient records. Having an education in medical terminology and language skills can be an additional source of income.

9. Home entertainment repair

Can you repair stereos or DVD players? If you know how to handle wiring and have some knowledge of electronics, you can start a small repair business with the people in your neighborhood.

10. Office and home organization

Order Attention Lovers: You can help less organized or busy people keep their homes and workplaces clean by either organizing closets, tidying files, and throwing away excess trash.

11. Personal cook

What is there to eat, dear? Takeaway for busy parents or dedicated professionals can be good business. There is a high demand for this specialized service. Plan a menu, create a shopping list and satisfy your hungry customers. They can even be your office mates!

12. Personal trainer

Today, people of all ages want to be healthier and are ready to listen to advice to make it happen. Knowing about this topic, you can share your experience in spas, running clubs, swimming and gyms of all kinds.

13. Picture frames

As fun as it sounds, a professional framing service can be very lucrative. You can work with gallery owners, photographers, and anyone who wants to keep a photo or print. You can take classes to become an expert on paper, glass, and wood in exchange for developing relationships with local artists to recommend your work.

14. Asset loans and their maintenance

Do you have a good hand with plants and a truck? You can open a service that provides green and beautiful plants to buildings, clubs and offices. You can strengthen your customers with a regular irrigation, pruning and fertilization program.

15. File search

You can use your experience in various databases such as public archives to help your clients find missing relatives, review a supplier’s records, or investigate the reality of a market. Your clients can be lawyers, business owners, and people with independent searches.

16. Distribution of food

As work lives elongate (and millennials no longer choose to stay at home to go out and thrive in the business world), grocery ordered by yourself is becoming the new norm. A great way to make the most of the evenings or weekends is to run a grocery store or offer the service to local restaurants.

17. T-shirt design

If you are an artist of a new medium of expression you can wear t-shirts. Paint, draw, apply stones and print designs on these garments. You can sell them at markets, comic book conventions, or in art stores.

18. Tai Chi teacher

In this fast-paced world, parents, entrepreneurs, students, and business professionals can all benefit from relaxation and meditation exercises. If you are familiar with these methods, you can offer courses in health centers or through your acquaintances.

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