17 inspiring phrases from bold creative leaders

From Beyoncé to Colson Whitehead, these phrases will inspire you to analyze you better.

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Pop culture is a powerful force, and people who shape it are considered leaders in the full extent of the word. His views and creative ventures feed everything from dinner conversations to public policies and consumer trends. Although it is tempting to think that cultural luminaries were simply born with the talents that separate them from “normal” people, the truth is much more complex.

17 inspiring phrases from bold creative leaders
17 inspiring phrases from bold creative leaders

To get where they are, every successful person has had to make many, many mistakes. And at some point along the way they discovered who they are and what works for them.

From mantras to philosophies of life, it is important that all leaders, creators or entrepreneurs understand themselves (their beliefs, the way they treat people, how they want to be remembered, how they want to spend their days, weeks and years ) to be the best version of themselves so that they can give their best work to the world.

Here are some inspirational phrases to help you think about what matters most to you, so you can take your daily habits to the next level and get closer and closer to your dreams.

1. Chance The Rapper

Chance the Rapper

Image: Scott Dudelson | Getty Images

“Something I try to leave to others is that they are good people. It is a decision you make a million times a day. But if you keep trying, good things will emanate from you. ” – Chance the Rapper, in The Guardian .

2. Tara Westover, author

Tara Westover, memoirist

Image: Marla Aufmuth | Getty Images

“Social networks have flooded our consciousness with cartoons of ourselves. Human beings are reduced to data, and this data almost never represents reality. The result is this great flattening of life and human complexity. We think that because someone is pro-abortion or provida, or because they drive a truck or a Prius, we know everything about them. Human details are lost in the algorithm. For the same reason, humanity gives way to ideology. ” – Tara Westover, author of Educated , in The Atlantic .

3. Beyoncé, singer / songwriter

Beyoncé, singer / songwriter

Image: Jesse Grant | Getty Images

“I have learned to stop pretending that I know what I do. If I am afraid, I am afraid. I allow it to be. I release it. And I keep going. ” -Beyoncé, singer, in the documentary Life is But a Dream by HBO.

4. Amy Poehler, actress / director

Amy Poehler, actor / director

Image: Christopher Polk / NBC | Getty Images

“You can't do it all alone. As you navigate the rest of your life, open to collaboration. Other people and their ideas are usually better than yours. ” – Amy Poehler, actress / comedian cited in More .

5. Hasan Minhaj, comedian

Hasan Minhaj, Comedian

Image: Gary Gershoff | Getty Images

“Comedians have this platform. Especially right now and especially the platform that I have. You can be provocative. You can say the craziest thing for the simple pleasure of doing it, or you can try that for something. ” – Hasan Minhaj, star of Patriot Act , at Vanity Fair .

6. Chrissy Tiegen, influencer / author

Chrissy Teigen, influencer / author

Image: Axelle / Bauer-Griffin | Getty Images

“My new mantra these days is to go with the flow: something that really teaches you to be a better person and not be so neurotic with time and schedules. Whatever will give me a great day, I do that. I am a person who likes to be in the present. ” – Chrissy Tiegen in Good Housekeeping .

7. James Corden, driver

James Corden, late night TV host

Image: Dipasupil Day | Getty Images

“Our son was 3 years old and our daughter was 12 weeks old when we moved here, and I told my wife: 'We are not going to buy anything.' We rented furniture, we rented an armchair … I thought they were going to run me, and the only thing worse to be run is to stay with an armchair that you have to get rid of, because you have to get on the first plane back to London thinking, well , it was a disaster… ”- James Corden, conductor of The Late Late Show, in The Ellen Show .

8. Jennifer Lopez, actress / singer

Jennifer Lopez, actor / singer

Image: Valerie Macon | Getty Images

“Thanks to the #MeToo movement, it is now 'We are equal and we want to be treated as equals.' We have been creating our own opportunities, as long as you show your value to people, they cannot put you aside. You do everything because it happens, right? ”- Jennifer Lopez, actress / singer in Variety .

9. Dave Chapelle, comedian

Dave Chapelle, Comedian

Image: The Washington Post | Getty Images

“I am slow learning. At the beginning of my career, I let everything flow, like walking. Later I thought 'I should take the wheel' Because nobody has ever taken me to a place I really want to go to. ” – Dave Chapelle, comedian, in GQ .

10. Glenn Close, actress

Glenn Close, actor

Image: Axelle / Bauer-Griffin | Getty Images

“When women have more opportunity, many more incredible stories will come out. And they will not only be about them. I look forward to the day when people say: 'It's a great movie' instead of saying: 'It's a great women's movie' ”.- Glenn Close, actress quoted in The Guardian .

11. Regina King, actress / director

Regina King, actor / filmmaker

Image: Axelle / Bauer-Griffin | Getty Images

“I like to say that I am always ready not to have to fix myself.” – Regina King, actress / director in Essence .

12. Andy Cohen, Bravo TV driver and manager

Andy Cohen, Bravo TV host and executive

Image: Bravo | Getty Images

“The principle with which I have guided 23 years of TV career has been that while I have fun, I don't care what title or position I have.” – Andy Cohen, Bravo TV driver and manager, at NPR .

13. Alex Morgan, front of the US women's national soccer team

Alex Morgan, US Women's National Soccer Team forward

Image: Icon Sportswire | Getty Images

“If you want to succeed in something and make your dreams come true, you cannot do it for money or for fame. Money comes and goes, and if you watch reality shows, you know how fleeting fame can be. ” – Alex Morgan, front of the US women's national soccer team, in his book Breakaway: Beyond the Goal .

14. Gayle King, news anchor
Gayle King, news host

Image: John Lamparski | Getty Images

“I think it's okay to take a risk. Don't risk the fool, but I think taking a risk in life is a good thing. I also think that I don't care who you are, how big you are, we all have something to learn. ” – Gayle King, co- conductor of the CBS This Morning news program, in USA Today .

15. Colston Whitehead, author

Colson Whitehead, author

Image: Picture Alliance | Getty Images

“Be nice to everyone. Create art Fight against power. ” – Colston Whitehead, winner of the Pulitzer, at Vanity Fair.

16. Neil Gaiman, author

Neil Gaiman, author

Image: Gary Miller | Getty Images

“The fear of not being able to do it is probably the force that keeps me writing. That part of me is in my books, I get very good that 'the threat is just around the corner' ”- Neil Gaiman, author of Good Omens , in The Big Issue .

17. Serena Williams, tennis player

Serena Williams, record-breaking tennis champion

Image: Greg Bowker | Getty Images

“I never think that being a role model is a burden. I believe that God never gives you more than you can bear, and I don't carry this alone. I adopt it. ”.- Serena Williams, tennis champion, in a talk with ESPN Common .

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