15 sustainable and environmentally friendly business ideas for you

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Do you want to change the world, but you have one at the same time deal that leaves you money? We give you these ideas ecological impact that represents the new wave of social entrepreneurship.

1. Green walls

15 sustainable and environmentally friendly business ideas for you
15 sustainable and environmentally friendly business ideas for you

This business consists, among other things, of placing natural plants on the interior and exterior walls of houses, offices, or architecture and decoration offices. Before starting the installation, you need to coat the wall with a coating to prevent moisture, the build-up of insects or the growth of bacteria.

You will also need to install a hose system programmed to self-water the wall and maintain the vertical garden for the first three months to see that the plants are growing properly. Form alliances with local greenhouses to receive a wholesale cost on the raw material.

2. Ecological disposables

According to the company Ecoshell, a disposable device is used at least once a week for an average of 15 minutes. Styrofoam or plastic are the most common materials from which they are made. Once discarded, it takes between 500 and 1,500 years to completely break down.

To reduce environmental damage, single-use items made from organic elements are marketed. In contrast to the others, these are completely biodegraded in a period of 90 to 240 days as they are consumed by bacteria and microorganisms on earth. Their main customers: home delivery restaurants, local businesses and catering companies.

3. Advertising for bicycles

In addition to a means of transport, bicycles can also serve as advertising media and mount advertising on their bikes or on adapted structures at the rear. Hire drivers for multiple units and monitor them with an app and a GPS system that counts the kilometers traveled. Set your prices based on the number of bikes you rent and the number of kilometers traveled per day or month. Your potential clients: advertising agencies, local companies or companies that want to position their brand. To do this, use marketing tools like social media and internet AdWords campaigns.

4. Organic emails

Beauty does not conflict with conscience. The target market for these products are people who are interested in environmental and health care and are willing to spend a little more to contribute to these goals. For example, nail polishes with natural pigments that have not been tested on animals do not contain toxic substances or derivatives of wheat, oats or vitamin E, so they can be used by celiac sufferers and pregnant women. Your main marketing channels can be bazaars, boutiques and health food stores, as well as e-commerce.

Make sure you have the largest catalog of colors possible to suit all tastes.

5. Car wash without water

Help conserve this vital fluid by providing the car wash service with biodegradable products that replace water. Serve your customers via an appointment calendar on the website or in the app and go in person to the people’s home or office or rent a group of scrubbers to cover more areas in your area. Be even more ecological by using bicycles as a means of transport and equipping them with products for external washing, waxing and cleaning of glasses and clothes. Another good idea is to purchase a mobile POS (Point of Sale Terminal) terminal that can be topped up with a smartphone or tablet.

6. Dry cleaning and ecological washing

Few people have the time, space, or desire to wash or iron themselves in their homes. Start with dry cleaning in an area of ​​at least 45 square meters, street level or in a mall. It offers added value through the use of machines that minimize water consumption – up to 20% compared to conventional chemical cleaning machines – and biodegradable cleaning agents. Keep in mind that by using technologically sustainable devices you also reduce power consumption, so that your fixed costs can decrease significantly. Train employees and delegate the process to a manager.

7. City repairs

The business consists of the repair of asphalt using infrared heating technology. Through this process, damaged asphalt can be reclaimed and reused to minimize the use of new material, a petroleum derivative. The fee is based on the amount of m2 you are repairing and generates additional revenue from selling paint for signage on sidewalks, avenues, residential complexes, and parking lots.

Your potential customers are: hospitals, schools, businesses and even local governments. Hire two or three people to do the repairs or forge alliances with contractor companies.

8. Intimate hygiene

The use of single-use products – diapers and sanitary napkins – has a high environmental impact as they are classified by the Waste Act as “inorganic with limited use” as the reuse of their components is close to zero.

When you consider that a woman of childbearing age uses around 250 sanitary napkins per year, the problem becomes significant. Reduce the impact by marketing sustainable products like cloth diapers and menstrual cups. Your target market are women between the ages of 20 and 40. Sell ​​online but do not discount local trade fairs or exhibitions on weekends.

9. Organic responsibility

It serves those who have special food needs by marketing organic bread and desserts made from certified inputs. Make sure they are free of milk, eggs, sugar, preservatives, and hormones so they can be consumed by vegans or people with conditions like diabetes, autism, or cancer. To sell wholesale, visit organic markets, hospitals, and foundations that serve people with these conditions.

Offer your desserts for your cafes or catering for your events or meetings. To get your first customers, give prospective buyers free samples of your creations.

10. Solar panels

Mexico is located in the planet’s sun belt and is preferred by solar radiation with six usable hours of sunshine, twice as much as in European countries such as Germany, according to the UNAM Institute for Geophysics. Hence, the installation of solar panels is a trend that has caught the interest of the country.

It serves regions where the power grid is scarce, companies with high energy consumption or families worried about reducing their pollutant emissions and spending on their bills. Integrate your staff with engineers, plumbers and a lawyer for building permit management.

11. Filters and water purifiers

In 2004, civil associations and Conagua analyzed the water quality of 500 rural wells and found that 54% were contaminated with feces. From that date on, they have been campaigning to reverse the situation. It helps reduce this contamination by commercializing portable faucet and bottle filters that remove 100% of bacteria and parasites – certified by the Ministry of Health. Installation takes five minutes and anyone can do it. So you can sell the packaged product or install it yourself.

12. Biodegradable for pets

Avoiding bad odors in the home and not harming the health of pets are two common concerns of their owners. It meets these requirements by marketing biodegradable products – certified by Sagarpa – made from essential oils. Their catalog can range from soaps, shampoo, and odor removers to repellants and aromatherapy products to help reduce stress for animals. Your potential customers are pet shops, animal clinics or health food stores, as well as owners. Spend two to three hours a day or weekend looking for leads and delivering products.

13. Natural comics

Not only has nopal been present in traditional Mexican cuisine since pre-Hispanic times, but it also has properties that make it a source of nutrients for the human body. One of the most recent exploits is in the industry – beauty. It sells cosmetics made from this cactus, such as mascara for eyelashes, makeup removers, powders, and body creams that are free from petroleum substances. Your potential customers are businesses with a sustainable vocation or people with specific dermatological needs. Promote, market and process your orders via digital platforms.

14. Organic plants

Organic markets open the door to small producers, and you can use this opportunity to grow your own vegetables and ornamental plants from just 5 m². Train yourself to master the cultivation methods and the various techniques – garden, hydroponics or greenhouse – as well as irrigation systems, plant nutrition and pest control. Your main customers are: shops, local markets and your acquaintances or, if your capacity allows, supply centers. Remember that for every square meter you plant, you should invest 20 minutes a day in addition to the sales work to market your products.

15. Gas saver

Gasoline and electricity prices continue to rise. Help citizens save on these expenses with a company selling and installing savers. These are 6 cm wide devices that can save between 12 and 15% of the regular consumption of gasoline, diesel and electricity, as well as reducing the minerals accumulated in the water pipes. The device is installed in hoses, pipes or wiring in just 10 minutes. Offer your friends the solution and expand your customer portfolio to include offices, restaurants, schools and private houses.

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