15 stories from famous mentors who helped other talents grow

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15 stories from famous mentors who helped other talents grow
15 stories from famous mentors who helped other talents grow

He Mentoring Mentoring is a discipline that has existed since ancient times: it occurs when a person with experience in a particular area accompanies, contains and transfers part of this knowledge so that another can grow in the same or a similar area.

In this way, the person who acts as a mentor, humble and conscious of the time, the process and the needs of the one who wants to grow, is at the service of the other and supports them in making these first steps more determined, secure and firm to do. .

Over the centuries, the number of mentors has grown in popularity: practically all relevant personalities from a wide range of areas had at least one person as a guide, orientation and support that helped them grow.

not how Coachinghe Mentoring seeks advice Mentee (supervised advisor), arouse the curiosity of the other person and clarify the path, which can often be confusing and challenging. Instead, coaching is a discipline that challenges it coachee (Client) with questions so that they can find the exits based on their own answers.

15 powerful mentor stories that have helped others change their lives forever

1. MOTHER TERESA DE CALCUTA: We know her because she has dedicated her life to other people, especially lepers, AIDS patients and people in extreme poverty. Another story might be not having a mentor for Father Michael van der Peet; They met while waiting for a bus in Rome and developed a great mentor / mentee friendship that helped each other develop Mother Teresa’s immense work and legacy.

2. MARK ZUCKERBERG: The Facebook CEO was looked after by Apple Inc.’s former CEO, Steve Jobs. When Facebook started, they often met to discuss management issues and practices, as well as technology development. When Jobs died of cancer in 2011, Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page: “Steve, thank you for being a mentor and a friend. Thank you for proving that what you build can change the world. I’ll miss you”.

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3.MARTIN LUTHER KING: It was the former president of Morehouse College, Dr. Benjamin Mays, a mentor to the American activist leader who fought for African American civil rights. Mays always openly criticized the segregation before the civil rights movement and met Luther King in this college bachelor; They continued their connection until the king’s murder in 1968. Biographers agree that May’s focus was particularly on two ideas: the dignity of all people and the incompatibility of the democratic ideals of the United States with the social practices of this country. This made Luther King’s speech an extremely powerful message that fueled the civil rights movement.

4.OPRAH WINFREY: She was considered the most popular interviewer on North American television and had the author and poet Maya Angelou as a mentor. As Oprah said: “It was always there for me and took me through some of the most important years of my life. Mentors are important and I don’t think anyone will be born without any form of mentoring. “

5. YVES ST. LAURENT: The famous fashion designer was supervised by Christian Dior. After moving to Parías, the then publisher of the French edition of Vogue magazine introduced her. “Dior has fascinated me since I met him. So much so that I couldn’t speak to him. He taught me the basics of my art; and everything that happened after that is a product of the years I’ve spent by his side, ”said St. Laurent. So much so that at the age of 21 he replaced Dior as designer of the Dior Couture house and sparked his brilliant international career.

6. QUINCY JONES: This talented musician was supervised by another jazz giant, Ray Charles, who said: “Jones was an energetic young man who really loved music. It was obvious that he wanted to learn and know more and more. I was able to show him a few things: It made me very happy and touched my heart to help this child. “In return, Quincy Jones was the mentor of many young musicians of his time and spokesman for an American event, the” National Mentoring Month “.

7. BILL GATES: Warren Buffett is considered a business magnate and the most successful investor of the 20th century. He was a mentor and (as of the date of this article, July 2020) a friend of Bill Gates’s with whom they maintain a routine of everyday encounters, such as a hamburger place they both like. Gates met Buffett at a philanthropy dinner hosted by Bill’s mother, and admits that he turns to Buffett for advice on various topics, including the business that he sees as “unique.”

Warren Buffet / Photo: Bloomberg / Contributor | Getty Images

8. BOB DYLAN: The famous singer and songwriter had the musician Woody Guthrie as his mentor with an extensive production of political songs for children and traditional Americans. When he was in high school in the 1950s, Dylan Guthries listened to music. He moved to New York and became friends, receiving his advice and guidance in the world of musical composition, which helped make him one of the most remarkable musicians in American rock and folk with international significance. In 1962, Bob Dylan dedicated the song “Song to Woody” to him.

9. JACKSON POLLOCK: This remarkable art figure, especially the movement of Abstract Expressionism, was known for its unique style of drip painting. His first mentor was the wall painter and painter Thomas Hart Benton. In 1930 Pollock left California without leaving high school to study with Benton at the Art Students League in New York. Pollock’s work is strongly influenced by Benton’s way of using painting, and in practice “rhythmic” became the artistic expression that is a hallmark of his production.

10.CHITA RIVERA: Recognized as one of the best-known Hispanic American actresses, dancers and singers, she stood out in the world of Broadway musicals. He played along in dozens of pieces West Side Story, The Threepenny Opera, Sweet charity, The Kiss of the Spider Woman, Nine, Merlin and Chicago. She was the first Latina American to receive the Kennedy Center Honors Award and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009. We may all remember a particular teacher, and this is because Chita realizes that her former teacher Doris Jones. She was her mentor and she values ​​her success.

11. RICHARD BRANSON: When the Virgin Group’s co-founder wanted to start Virgin Atlantic, he asked the British air navigation service provider Sir Freddie Laker for advice. As he said, “If you want to go far, don’t do it alone. Without Sir Freddie Laker’s mentoring, I would not have made any progress in the aviation industry. “

12. CLINT EASTWOOD: In this case, his mentor was his grandmother, who encouraged him to make his dreams come true. In an interview, the popular actor remarked: “I have had many mentors in my life … my grandmother … has always been encouraging. She always thought it would be something if nobody else, including me, thought it would be something. “

13. HENRY DAVID THOREAU: Ralph Waldo Emerson, The American writer, philosopher and poet, leader of the Transcendentalism movement in the early nineteenth century. His teachings contributed to the development of the “New Thought” movement. In the mid-nineteenth century he was a mentor to Thoreau, also an American writer, poet and philosopher, a transcendental tendency, author of ‘Walden’ and ‘Civil Disobedience’. Thoreau was a surveyor, naturalist, lecturer and pencil maker; When he graduated from Harvard University, he was inspired by Emerson, whose work influenced his writings.

14. COLIN POWELL: He was Secretary of State of the United States and General of the Army of his country and considered his father Luther Powell as his mentor. In his words, he believes that everyone should commit to mentoring: “We all … have the ability to serve as mentors: take a step forward and say, ‘I will be a mentor because I want that this next generation is leading the United States at a higher level, a better place, which can translate into mentoring to generate better people in every area, not just in this country.

15. INDRA NOOYI: The former CEO of PepsiCo was both the first immigrant and the first woman to hold the highest authority position in the company, the largest women-owned company in the world. He helped the company become one of the most successful in the world, with sales up 80% during his 12-year tenure. She led Pepsi’s transition to a greener and greener company, saying she was looking for mentors in various aspects of her life. He said: “If I hadn’t had mentors, I wouldn’t be here today. I am a product of great mentoring and coaching. Trainers or mentors are very important to me. “She attributes the mentorship she received from people around her for helping her break what she called her” glass roofs “in the business world.

And who do you recognize as your mentor or mentor? Who influenced you

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