15 jobs for the weekend (or your free time) that can increase your income

Earn some extra money with these ideas.

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15 jobs for the weekend (or your free time) that can increase your income
15 jobs for the weekend (or your free time) that can increase your income

By: Beverly Bird

Traditional jobs from 9 to 6 offer a steady and steady income for many people. However, there are those who need to find ways to earn more money with extra work. If you are in this group, you are lucky: weekend and alternative jobs are many and varied.

Here are some examples you can try to earn more money:

1. Bartender

Many people romanticize the work of a bartender. What could be better than preparing drinks for your friends, listening to good music and winning many tips?

However, as any bartender could tell you, the job is not as easy, nor as fun, as it seems. To start you have to take a couple of classes, but nothing beats the experience. Many bartenders get the job after having worked as waiters, hosts, or in the kitchen. Many will start working as bar helpers, which involves filling the ice and washing the glasses, before they can get a job as bartenders.

If you get a job as a bartender, you can earn good money with tips, especially if you make a good connection with your customers.

2. Brand ambassador

According to magazine, an ambassador is a passionate person about a brand that talks about it and relates it to new clients.

Jobs as an ambassador for a full-time brand do exist, but many of these opportunities appear more for part-time jobs at special events.

3. Event organization assistant

If you are the type of person who notices the small details (such as the color and the way the napkins are folded at a party), you can try a job as an event organizer's assistant. As an assistant you will be responsible for certain behind-the-scenes tasks that make events such as weddings, birthdays and corporate meetings go perfectly.

Although the work may seem glamorous, keep in mind that it requires many hours of work, and that many of those hours will be standing. You should also know that attendees are not invited to the event, that is, it will not be your turn to be part of it but to support its development.

4. Focus Groups participant

One of the easiest ways to earn money is by participating in focus groups, small meetings of select individuals organized by market researchers to get feedback on a product or topic.

If you are chosen to participate in one, you will have the opportunity to try new products, try food and drinks, do surveys and much more. And the best part is that you will be paid to share your opinion.

5. Food and beverage delivery

If you have a car and you have plenty of time at night or on weekends, consider investing it as a food or beverage dealer. Although this work was previously limited to pizza delivery, today the opportunities have expanded.

For example, you can consider working for apps like Postmates, UberEats or Rappi.

6. Receptionist in a beauty salon or spa

Usually, beauty salons and spas are always saturated on weekends, so an extra pair of hands will always be welcome.

To succeed in this, you must be kind, have a good attitude, and offer excellent customer service, in addition to the ability to organize and schedule appointments.

7. Host in a restaurant

Getting a job as a host or as a bar assistant is a great way to enter the restaurant industry. These positions are ideal for people who do not have experience but who really want to work.

Good hosts have excellent customer service skills, as they are usually the first person they interact with when entering a place. In addition, they must keep a record of reservations and waiting lists, accompany customers to their tables and other various tasks such as cleaning the menus.

Contrary to hosts, bar helpers do not usually interact with customers, but are behind the bar filling the ice, removing and washing glasses, etc. You can also see them picking up dirty dishes from the tables when staff is needed.

8. Maintenance provider

If you want to earn some extra money on weekends, but do not want to spend all your time locked in the car, consider providing services such as gardening or masonry. To start, you can offer your services to prune gardens and do it directly on the street or through Facebook groups.

10. Nanny or caregiver

Families who have babysitters or full-time caregivers also need extra help on weekends. You can offer your services to help parents take care of their children when they go out at night, or offer yourself throughout the weekend.

Word of mouth recommendations remain the most powerful method to find these types of services, however, you can always subscribe to communities or platforms that contact you with people who need your help. If you are going to offer to take care of older adults, keep in mind that they will most likely ask you for some experience in the subject, and that you have knowledge of first aid and CPR.

11. Pet sitter

Pets are part of the family and there are people willing to invest a lot of money to ensure that their furry friends receive enough love and care during the day. If you have experience with animals such as dogs and cats, you could offer this service to other people.

These services include a wide variety of things, such as walking, bathing or simply spending time with them playing.

12. Weekend seller

Usually, stores tend to be much more saturated on weekends, offering a great opportunity to those who need to earn some extra money. Weekend vendors work in customer service areas, helping to maintain order in stores and assisting shoppers with any needs they may have. Now, you should keep in mind that this activity requires a lot of standing time, and that you can carry heavy objects like boxes.

13. Security guard or cadenero

The clubs, bars and other night spots are always looking for muscles that help them on weekends. To be hired as a security guard or a cadenero, you can train intensively in the gym, since some physical strength and an imposing appearance will be required.

14. Telemarketing agent

There are many vacancies available for telemarketing jobs, even if you only want to work at night or on weekends. The best thing is that many of these jobs allow you to work from home, something ideal if you want to strike a balance between work and personal life.

As you probably know, telemarketing agents call potential customers and convince them to hire products or services. If you are good at selling, you have a plus to offer, and most companies offer their employees a pre-assembled sales speech. However, what is essential is to have tolerance for frustration.

15. Uber or DiDi driver

Today, taxi transport apps have become so popular that there are countries where the word “Uber” is used as a verb. To be a driver of this type of services you must meet certain requirements such as having a certain age, having a driver's license, not having a criminal record, etc.

As a driver, you can decide the hours you want to work and the areas you want to move, and the rates vary depending on the city you live in and the distances you have to cover.

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