14 women entrepreneurs who have made millions in their fortunes without help

The Women You must face a professional restriction on access to leadership positions that are classified as “Glass roof”Despite the fact that more and more middle managers are employed and companies are realizing the benefits that feminine thinking brings to a company.

Today 234 women have the list of billionaires in Forbes by 2019, but only 67 made their fortunes alone. This is because women are less confident than men and instead of fighting for a particular position, they accept the positions they have been given.

14 women entrepreneurs who have made millions in their fortunes without help
14 women entrepreneurs who have made millions in their fortunes without help

Women’s ability to hold leadership positions varies by culture, as there are many senior executives in China, but Latin America still faces a profound macho culture. There are many women entrepreneurs in this region and in Africa who are lifting their families out of poverty with their own businesses and entering the economy to change this trend. ship is the best tool for women to run a business today.

We have hired some of the most successful women entrepreneurs, past and present, who made their own fortunes and serve as a great source of inspiration for women looking to immerse themselves in the corporate world.

1. Oprah Winfrey


The so-called “Queen of Television” has managed to form a media empire that includes a television channel, a production company (Harpo) and a number of books and magazines. The conductor of Talk Shows She was born in a poor community in Missippi and was sexually abused as a child. Oprah managed to take control of her life to begin as a commentator and later as a producer.

2. Diane von Furstenberg


This fashion designer is known in the industry for promoting the mentoring system in her company and realizing the dreams of young talents in her company.

Despite being the ex-wife of German Prince Egon de Furstenberg, Diane refused to live locked up in a high society life by starting her own company. Your style dresses wrap are synonymous with empowerment for working women around the world, which made her President of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, a member of the Board of Directors of Vital Voices, and a key promoter of female entrepreneurship.

3. Madame CJ Walker

Photo: Michael Ochs Archive | Getty Images

This entrepreneur started out as a cotton picker, the daughter of former Louisiana slaves. Walker, who was an orphan at age six and a mother shortly after she was 14, launched a line of cosmetics and hair care products for African American women at a time when segregation was still a reality. At just $ 1.25, she started her door-to-door sales business and became the first millionaire made by her own labor.

4. Ashley Qualls


This businesswoman started her business career at the age of 14 when she opened, where she helped design MySpace pages and taught basic programming and design. Through a loan from his mother, Qualls managed to buy the domain name and have one of the first independent sites to receive millions of monthly visits. Today they are billed more than $ 70,000 a month.

5. Estée Lauder

Photo: Evelyn Straus | NY Daily News Archive | Getty Images

Her name is synonymous with beauty and cosmetology, and she is also one of the most famous business women in the United States. Estée, the daughter of immigrant parents, started a small cream business developed by an uncle of a chemist. Through sales in hotels and social clubs, Lauder was able to get a counter on Saks Fifth Avenue where he could order free samples.

The businesswoman officially reached multimillionaire status in 2004 when the Estée Lauder Companies’ stock topped $ 95.36 on the New York Stock Exchange.

6. Mary Kay Ash

Photo: Mary Kay

Another success story from beauty products. Mary Kay Ash is the woman who founded Mary Kay Cosmetics, one of the world’s best-known consultant-sales companies and Avon’s main competitor. Ash was born in Texas and decided to start her own company when the company she works for refused to promote her just because she is a woman. With $ 5,000 in savings and the help of her son, Mary Kay started a company that now has more than two million beauty reps.

7. Caterina Fake

Photo: Robert Scoble via Wikimedia Commons

It is the definition of the modern entrepreneur who uses new technology to be successful. Co-founder of Hunch and Flikr, Fake has invested in thousands of websites including Etsy, Maya’s Mother, and Daily Booth. Fake, who is also a member of the Creative Commons Board of Directors, is considered one of the best examples of entrepreneurship in the digital age.

8. Kamila Sidiqi


This Afghan businesswoman dared to start a business in a country where opportunities for women are generally tight. Sidiqi has faced death threats and social disapproval in order to help other women in her town start businesses. After his father and brother left their families to join the Taliban, Sidiqi opened a sewing business to support his younger siblings. Together with members of his family, he went on dangerous expeditions to get the raw material for his seams. Her company is a benchmark in Middle Eastern fashion and runs an angel network to support other women entrepreneurs in her area.

9. Judi Henderson-Townsend

Photo: Judi Henderson-Townsend via Facebook

This woman can be one of the people with the best sense of timing. When a clothing store near his home was about to close, Henderson-Townsend took the risk of buying the entire inventory of mannequins and then opening a part-time business. Today his company Mannequin Madness sells, rents, recycles, repairs and writes everything that has to do with these resin figures. Additionally, the company’s strong green policy and social responsibility has made Judi one of the biggest names in new business consciousness.

10. Nellie Cashman

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

This adventurer could have come from the Wild West comics.

Called the “angel of the tombstone,” Cashman traveled from Boston to San Francisco to work as a cook in the mining camps. This Irish born businesswoman saved to open her own boarding house in Nevada and then traveled the American Union opening restaurants and inns while supporting the Salvation Army and various church charities across the country.

11. Ruth Handler

Photo: Ron Galella | WireImage | Getty Images

She co-founded toy giant Mattel with her husband Elliot. The businesswoman was the inventor of the legendary Barbie doll, named after her daughter Barbara. Handler not only influenced popular culture. After leaving Mattel in the 1970s, the breast cancer survivor launched a line of prostheses for women who had undergone mastectomy like her.

12. Yoshiko Shinohara

Photo: Temp Group

The 82-year-old manager is Japan’s first self-made billionaire. After their divorce in the early 1970s, Shinohara formed the Tempstaff temp agency out of her department. Today the company employs almost 5,000 people worldwide and has an annual turnover of almost 3 billion euros.

13. Cher Wang

Photo: Pau Barrena | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Wang is a co-founder of Taiwan-based electronics company HTC, a manufacturer of smartphones and virtual reality technology. Before Wang changed his course and studied economics at UC Berkeley, he wanted to become a concert pianist. She is also a philanthropist. In 2011, he donated money to set up Guizhou Forerunner College and provide free, low-cost higher education to low-income families in southwest China.

14. Nely Galán

Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen | Getty Images

Galán was the first Latina president of a US television station when Telemundo arrived. She is the author, producer, and founder of The Adelante Movement, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs in Latina.

What lesson did these enterprising women teach you?

With information from Nina Zipkin.

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