14 expert tips for beginners

Receiving the right advice from entrepreneurs who have already traveled the path could make the difference between success and failure.

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Even today, the failure rate in a business remains surprisingly high. The reality is that it is not easy to start a company or grow it in today's economy. Receiving the right advice from entrepreneurs who have already traveled the path could make the difference between success and failure. Here, 14 suggestions of successful entrepreneurs that will help you get on track for your business to prosper.


14 expert tips for beginners
14 expert tips for beginners

1. “Find a mentor, don't feel unmotivated by slow growth and make a plan.” Adam Davis, American author and coach.

2. “Work with a mentor. Surround yourself with people who can support you on your way to entrepreneurship. Be very clear how you will handle your money, because you will not receive a weekly check. ” Nancy Sinclair Brook, leading consultant and speaker.

3. “Focus on these three key aspects: 1. Who is your ideal customer and where can you find it online? 2. What are your needs and desires and what product or service can you create to help them? 3. Create a database with your potential clients to be able to address them in a more precise way when you start your business. ” Jon Schumacher, business coach.

Private life

4. “When starting a business, it is easy to forget other important aspects of your life. Unless you're looking for investors, don't just create a business plan: create a life and business plan . Take the time to identify your core values, priorities, goals and an action plan to achieve them. It is possible to have a viable business plan and have the life you love. ” Kelly Thorne Gore, founder of Bloom , community for women entrepreneurs.

5. “Only sell what you would sell to your own grandmother.” Jason Moffatt, business coach.

6. “As busy as you are, don't leave your marriage or your personal relationships aside. You cannot consider yourself successful in business if your personal life is shattered! ” Susie Miller, interpersonal relations coach, author and speaker.

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7. “Before embarking, work your emotions. Believe in your mission and start from there. ” Isabelle Rizzo, digital marketing expert and creator of The Bella Vie blog.

Beware of noise …

8. “Too many entrepreneurs think that, since the barrier to entrepreneurship is getting lower, it is easier than ever to succeed. The reality is that it is easier than ever to start a business, but also, this is an extremely noisy world. You do not compete only with your competitors; You also compete for the attention of your customers with advertising, social networks and the endless videos of kittens. It requires a lot of effort, the search for excellence and a well thought out and directed message to stand out from the rest. Pay attention to the aesthetics of your marketing strategy and your website. ” Ted Ryce, blogger and business coach.

9. “Value yourself more. Charge what you know you're worth. Don't be afraid to ask for a fair payment for your work. No one will ever offer you more than you ask, so ask for what you deserve. ” Thomas G. Fiffer, business coach and author.

Your daily actions

10. “Surround yourself with people who raise you to the next level. Start a morning ritual. Wake up earlier than normal to start programming your mind. Incorporate new habits into your daily routine, such as meditating, making affirmations, writing a diary or watching motivational videos. Never stop learning. Keep investing in yourself. Keep your body, mind and spirit in harmony. ” Joe Rodriquez, business coach and author.

11. “Make these mantras simple ideas: make a game plan, but keep your feet on the ground. Always look for a balance between having a solid plan and having the ability to interpret situations as they arise. ” Benjamin Mullen, author, blogger and founder of Lazy Banana Productions.

12. “New entrepreneurs need to base their actions on the three 'P's': practice, patience and perseverance. Always practice what you learn and what you already know. Patience is the hardest part to learn, so remember that Rome was not built in a day – you can print this phrase and place it on your desk to look at it in difficult times. The best things come for those who work hard, are constant and have patience. Finally, perseverance will keep you standing when you think about throwing in the towel. ” Mary Kathryn Johnson, entrepreneur and creator of the Parent HQ blog.

13. “Try everything. Do things related to your dream, and save everything you can to build the business you want. Then, do not be afraid to get rid of what does not serve your main purpose. ” Andi Cumbo-Floyd, business coach.

14. “Focus on your strengths. To hire staff , look more than character than skills: that will help you form a stable team. ” Marcos Orozco, entrepreneur and author.

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