13 more films for entrepreneurs this weekend (or whenever you want)

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Not only is Hollywood a dream factory, but it is also characterized by portraying the best stories from all areas of human life, real and imaginary. Also for business reasons.

13 more films for entrepreneurs this weekend (or whenever you want)
13 more films for entrepreneurs this weekend (or whenever you want)

There are many films out there that deal with subjects entrepreneurial worldWhether leadership, negotiation or constant pursuit of success. We present a list of the 13 not to be missed films selected by our users on social networks:

1) Jerry Maguire, love and defiance ((Jerry Maguirenineteen ninety-six)

The plot revolves around Jerry (Tom Cruise), a successful man who works in an agency dedicated to promoting athletes. However, if Jerry knows that money is above people, he will be fired. So he has to start over with a secretary and a client: a second-rate soccer player. After much effort and discussion between the protagonists, they show that there is a real friendship behind the business.

This film is a classic for entrepreneurs as it demonstrates some of the qualities and traits that entrepreneurs should have: perseverance, ability to overcome obstacles, ethical awareness, and social responsibility. But above all, an understanding of the importance of human relationships for success. It must always be remembered that behind a customer, a partner or an employee there is a person who must be treated as such.

2) Search for happiness ((The pursuit of happiness, 2006)

Based on the true story of Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith), this film is about a lower class man who is abandoned by his wife and takes responsibility for his young son. Chris is looking for a new job to offer his son a better quality of life, but the search is not easy: he is evicted from his house, they have to live on the streets for a while and eat in emergency shelters.

Why do entrepreneurs like this movie so much? Very easy. We’ve all identified with Chris at some point in our lives, though probably not on the same level. Chris shows that the key to finding happiness (and success) is faith and perseverance. Believing in ourselves and that we will achieve our goals; in the persistence of overcoming any adverse situation that comes in our way. Also, it’s always important to be motivated. Chris was his son. What is yours

3) The social network ((The social network, 2010)

This film tells the story of the creation of the world’s most popular social network: Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard student who developed an album of photos of college students in his room. After enlisting the help of his best friend and sponsoring two wealthy twins, Zuckerberg created Facebook and brought it to all American universities and later around the world.

Mark Zuckerberg represents the prototype of the 21st century entrepreneur: a penniless young man with a great idea that can change the course of history. Today’s businessman must innovate to be successful and start millionaire social media businesses, but he must also understand the marketplace. Despite the rise of technology, the most important thing in people to be social is Facebook’s premise.

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4) Citizen Kane ((Citizen Kane1941)

Inspired by the tabloid tycoon William Randolph Hearst, this film is considered by many critics as “the best film of all time”. While Kane’s story is very inspiring to show what an entrepreneur should NOT be, what is remarkable about this film is the entrepreneurship of Orson Wellswho acts as a director, writer, producer and actor. Wells went against the system: he first used a cinematic language that is now a school for many filmmakers.

Orson Wells is an example of a man who breaks plans. An entrepreneur who develops his talent, is not afraid of innovations and wants to be different. Someone who has a project and does it despite controversy; a person ahead of his time.

5) The gambling ((Moneyball, 2011)

This film is based on the real life of Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team. Given the multiple defeats of his team and the loss of the best players due to a lack of budget, Beane has to rethink his strategy. With the help of a young analyst who uses statistical calculations to define the new positions, the Oakland Athletics have achieved several victories in a row.

This Oscar-nominated film shows how the leader of an organization should behave, especially in times of crisis. When things are not working in your company or you face various problems such as: B. Resource scarcity, reconsider yours Business plan, Your strategies and the tasks your team members need to perform. It’s amazing how good management can lead a bankrupt company to success.

6) The Godfather ((The Godfather1972)

This film, based on the book of the same name, is one of the most memorable and well-known in the history of cinema. The first part tells the life of Vito Corleone, head of one of the most powerful families of the Italian mafia in New York in the 1940s. This trilogy relates to the challenges faced by foreigners in the United States and the idea of ​​the dream Americans became violent by these groups.

The main lesson of this Hollywood classic is that Art of negotiation that Corleone practices. First, he examines the other party’s strengths and weaknesses to get useful information in negotiations, and then the godfather just sits down to listen and waits for the other to make his best offer. The key to successful negotiations is having confidence and knowing the deal. Another important point is that “it’s not personal, it’s just business.” This phrase from Michael Corleone teaches that when there is an agreement, emotions and feelings have no place.

7) Wall Street: Power and greed ((Wall street1987)

Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) is a young realtor looking to thrive on Wall Street. He is hired by his role model, investment tycoon Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas). Bud gradually enters this world of luxury and power, but soon discovers that Gekko is an unscrupulous man who only cares about money. If Bud receives an attractive offer that violates ethical rules, he has to decide whether or not to accept it.

Wall Street is one of the films that deals most with an important topic in business: ethics. What’s the price for money? What are you ready to do to achieve success, fame, or fortune? These are questions entrepreneurs should ask themselves before starting a business. Having a business is not only about profit and your own well-being, but also about taking the opportunity to help build a better society.

8th) Silicon Valley pirates ((Silicon Valley pirates, 1999)

This docudrama is a biography of Bill Gates and talks about the first personal computer and the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft. This story begins in the early 1970s and ends with a toast to Steve Jobs’ birthday in 1985 before he was fired from his own company by his partner. This film shows in a real and entertaining way the beginnings of the greats in computer science who lead the world today.

Silicon Valley is the paradise for entrepreneurs, the most important cluster in the world. Names like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are not only present in technology and business, but in our everyday lives. This film is a way to understand the personalities, challenges and setbacks of these characters, as well as the role of innovation and creativity to satisfy today’s demanding market.

9) The enterprise ((Society, 2003)

This documentary examines modern businesses from a personal point of view and evaluates their behavior as psychiatrists. The documentary shows the development of companies over time using real cases as well as criticism of business practices, especially the lack of human relationships and the lack of ethics in organizations.

One of the big dilemmas in the corporate world is the role of ethics and values. Today it is not only a factor in competitiveness and improving consumer perception, but also in competitiveness Corporate social responsibility It has to be an integral part of the company’s philosophy. When developing your corporate identity, pay particular attention to your code of ethics and values.

10) Forrest Gump ((Forrest Gump, 1994)

Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) is a man with mild intellectual disability from a small town in the United States. Forrest travels the world in search of a girl thanks to popular culture and is an integral part of some of the major events of the 20th century such as the Vietnam War. His inventions include Elvis Presley’s most famous dance train and his famous acts who win the ping-pong tournament, run non-stop across the US, receive awards from the President and start his own shrimp company: Bubba Gump.

While all of Forrest’s experiences and popularity seem just a matter of luck or fate, it really is about being in the right place at the right time. To be successful, the entrepreneur not only needs to know that he is in the right place, but also to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to him … and that others have missed.

eleven. The price for ambition ((Glengarry Glen Ross1992)

Based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning work of David Mamet, this film explores the aggressive world of real estate. The film explores the lies and betrayals people face in trying to be successful in business.

Why should you see it Unfortunately, the corporate world can be brutal, something you have to learn. This film shows how vicious it can be.

12th Office clutter ((Office space, 1999)

This black comedy from Mike Judge centers on Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston), a man who discovers how much he hates sitting in a cubicle taking orders from his lousy boss, Bill Lumbergh (Gary Cole).

Every entrepreneur hates working for someone else, and there are times when they will do anything to get laid off. We don’t condone what the character does in this movie, but this movie is a fun way to inspire you to quit the job you hate.

13th Rocky ((Rocky1976)

It’s one of those films that we all need to see at least once in our lives. Sylvester Stallone wrote the fabulous story of a loser who triumphs with the tale of Rocky Balboa training to beat heavyweight champion Apollo Creed.

Even if the world tells you you don’t have what it takes, keep trying. This competitive spirit can go a long way. And we urge you to listen to Bill Conti’s music and not feel motivated.

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