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13 flexible digital job ideas for students who want to work part-time

September 12, 2020

This story originally appeared on Glassdoor

Find one part time jobs while you’re in the University It can seem overwhelming, considering that your top priority should be learning, making friends, and achieving dreams … Learn balance your studies with a job Part time Not only will it help you learn ethics and balance, but it can provide you with greater financial independence from the start. Consider the following positions when looking for part-time college jobs.

1. Brand ambassadors

13 flexible digital job ideas for students who want to work part-time13 flexible digital job ideas for students who want to work part-time

A brand ambassador is a person who represents certain gangs and distributes goods and products at events. The aim is to create positive awareness for the brand in question and to increase sales. This is a great job as not only does it pay very well, but it also allows you to choose shifts based on your curriculum. It’s also great fun!

2. Teaching assistant

Many teachers need assistants to help them grade tests, take tutorials, and take tests. This is a great opportunity for students who want to be close to their campus and develop a good relationship with the professors. Although these positions are highly competitive, they are usually renewed every semester.

3. Grocery supplier

Do you enjoy working with food but don’t want to deal with the stress of a restaurant? Being a grocery company can be a great way to make money with flexible hours and meet interesting people. You can search for companies that offer the service and apply to help them with events. These positions are usually well paid and you can choose your hours of service.

4. Tutor

Do you love science and math? Would you like to teach a language? Are you a great student and could you help others with their lessons? Being a tutor is a great way to help out your classmates and make money. It also helps you learn. So somehow you’re doing two things at the same time and you’re making money too! There are many ways to teach others and the hours are often flexible.

5. Social media specialist

The best thing about our digital and hyper-connected world is that there are a lot of jobs in the social media industry, and most of them can be done from home! Chances are that if you study, you will know the technology well and be connected to the universe of social platforms. So why not make money with Instagram, Facebook and others?

6. Content Writer

As a remote writer, you can write from anywhere. The content will depend on your skills, knowledge of the company, and experience. However, if you are interested in a topic, you can apply to be a content writer. If you enjoy writing, this is a great way to make extra cash and you can do so from the comfort of your bedroom. In addition, you will receive the necessary experience to later pursue a career in this field.

7. Dog walkers

If you love dogs and want to hang out with them for as long as possible and make money at the same time, this might be the perfect job for you. There are currently many companies out there to help you get in touch with the people who need this service so that you can take the opportunity to spend more time with the Furry.

8. Delivery man

Depending on your location and if you have a driver’s license and a car or motorcycle, you can be a delivery man and make extra cash. Most of these positions are flexible and you can walk around your city and see many places. These stands can be used to distribute groceries, flowers, super, etc. And usually you have to interact with people who will be happy to open the door for you.

9. Scholar

If you do your research and interview your acquaintances, you can find a job as an intern that will allow you to gain experience in the field that you are interested in. Many internships can span entire semesters, and you could even get a full-time job when you graduate.

10. Research Associate

Most academic institutions conduct research with professors who conduct their own studies. Although many of these positions are open to volunteers, there are those who are willing to invest in their assistants. This is a great way to work and earn money and experience in your own school.

11. Waiter

In cafes, cafes and restaurants you can always find the opportunity to become a waiter, even in your own school. You can also look for local options with part-time positions or work with companies that run events. This gives you flexible working hours and the opportunity to earn a lot of money with tips.

12. Receptionist

All offices need a smiling receptionist to answer the phone and greet visitors. As a student, this type of work will keep you busy for a few hours, but also leave you time for homework and rehearsals.

13. Capturist

This job can be very well paid and allows you to do it from home as well as having flexible hours for your classes. It is administrative in nature and usually requires the digitization of documents or files. This is a great way to learn the art of patience and attention to detail.

If you haven’t finished your resume yet, download a template as each job will help you build the skills needed to get the job of your dreams long term. Whether you want to make a little extra cash on the weekends, improve your work experience, or find a job close to college, there are hundreds of ways to develop these skills that will open many doors for you.

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