12 Truths Every Successful Knows

We share the best thoughts from people like Harv T. Eker, author of The Millionaire Mind, Dan Waldschimdt, disruptive business strategist, Timothy Ferris, author and investor, and Seth Godin, marketing guru.

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12 Truths Every Successful  Knows
12 Truths Every Successful Knows

The success a person is determined by the way he thinks and acts. These truths are essential for everything You will get the results you want.

It’s no big secret that truly successful people have different attitudes and are willing to do what everyone else doesn’t. There are certain truths that can really affect how we see our current situation and where we are going. These are just a few of them.

There are innumerable books out there on the mindset of “millionaire heads” that usually have conclusions similar to what you will see in the following paragraphs. I share the best thoughts from people like Harv T. Eker, author of The Millionaire Mind, Dan Waldschimdt, disruptive business strategist, Timothy Ferris, author and investor, and Seth Godin, marketing guru and more.

  1. “Someday” is a disease that will bring your dreams to the grave. Waiting for the universe to align and circumstances to finally kick off the project you have planned or to take your project to the next level is just another excuse not to know if we are really good at what we are doing we want to work the most.
  2. Nothing is impossible if you are willing to invest the necessary time and effort. This is the most important thing, we know that it is not easy and that we will be tempted to give up for many days. However, there is no impossible task for a person who is truly determined to make a difference.
  3. The cost of doing injustice is less than the cost of doing nothing. This quote from Seth Godin reminds us that it is even better to go down a slow path than to be completely static. If you make a mistake, it’s because you are moving.
  4. The person who wants it most is the one who wins in the end. It is not necessary to be the smartest, most talented person or the person with the most money, even if these are important points, they are not final. At the end of the day, it is this person who is not giving up and showing passion for what they are doing that stands out.
  5. Being around negative people is the best way to lose creativity and motivation. Our environment has the power to shape our behavior. The main cause of demotivating people is the environment that surrounds them. Find your tribe, the ones who really drive you and believe in you.
  6. Nobody decides anything for you. All of your decisions are entirely up to you. Avoid falling into the role of the victim. It is time to accept that we are fully responsible for what happens in our lives, whether they are successes or failures.
  7. The key to happiness is progress. Many of us could imagine that happiness comes from an endless vacation where nothing more is on the agenda than rest. The truth is that this situation would make us immensely boring. Progress is the key to true human satisfaction, and best of all, everyone can control their own.
  8. What you focus on is expanded. Harv T. Eker mentions it in his book “The Millionaire Mind”: When you complain, you become a living magnet for bad luck. The opposite happens when you are grateful. This is proven by an article in Psychology Today. Once you focus on the good, your brain reconfigures itself and is more prone to focusing on seeing opportunities, not obstacles.
  9. Your income can only grow as much as you can. The reality is that most people do not reach their full potential. If you are determined to constantly learn and invest in yourself, and consider yourself the most important business in your life, your income will reflect it.
  10. The best things in life are on the other side of fear. This is what Will Smith mentioned when talking about his experience skydiving in Dubai. He mentions that the best things in life are usually on the other side of what scares us the most. These are the steps that set us free and that we must take constantly.
  11. The actions you take when no one is looking will determine your trajectory. The real changes in our lives are determined by the little actions we take each day, especially those we take when we are alone, at the moment when there is someone else’s approval or obligation.
  12. The opposite of happiness is not sadness but boredom. This is what Tim Ferris mentions in his book, “The 4 Hour Working Life.” Boredom is the real enemy in our professional and personal lives. If you are not “excited” about what you are doing, your productivity and creativity are really affected.

Conclusion …

How many of these truths do you accept and apply in your life? We all have the ability to progress and adapt to new and better thinking ideas that will have a positive effect on our day. Remember, the key to happiness is progress.

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