12 signs that you’re an entrepreneur (and that will lead you to quit your job right away)

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One day you are sitting at your desk and suddenly your focus is on a business idea. After a few days of pondering the idea, you decide that it is not worth pursuing.

12 signs that you’re an entrepreneur (and that will lead you to quit your job right away)
12 signs that you’re an entrepreneur (and that will lead you to quit your job right away)

Maybe the idea wasn’t as good as you originally thought, but the reality is that you are not sure if you have what it takes to be your own boss. Starting and running a business is not for the faint of heart.

You may have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, but you have been focused on caring for your family and you need a little spark to start the fire. Once you’ve found yourself in the company’s fence, check that you meet these characteristics:

1. Your “business spirit” started working at a young age

Remember when you were young. Were you a kid who made money off an alternative? That is one of the common denominators of successful entrepreneurs.

For example, Daymond John created personalized pens for girls when he was in first grade. Mark Cuban was selling garbage bags in his neighborhood when he was 12. Richard Branson raised and sold parrots. Juliette Brindak designed a website at the age of 16 that would ultimately be worth $ 30 million.

In short, the wheels of the entrepreneur’s “business spirit” begin to turn at a young age. If you’ve always been thinking about ways to make money, you’ve probably been an entrepreneur your entire life but you didn’t realize it.

2. You start things yourself

s are known to go their own way. They don’t follow others, wait for permission, or get distracted.

Think about your life. Did you start an organization at school? Have you been a volunteer in a charity work? If there is a work project, are you the person who takes the reins and leads the force?

These are signs that you have a personality that “gets the job done,” which is vital to making your vision come true. It is a very good sign that you are an entrepreneur.

3. You think like MacGyver

There was an amazing TV series called “MacGyver” (a modern version is on today) in the 80s. The series centered around Angus “Mac” MacGyver, a man with unconventional problem-solving skills. He once made a hot air balloon out of a soccer ball, kerosene, newspaper, and cotton.

s also develop innovative and ready-to-use ideas for solving problems. You always have the resource at hand and you think quickly.

4. Losing motivates you

Nobody likes to lose. However, there is one big difference between entrepreneurs and other people: the former are motivated by setbacks.

They don’t make excuses or complain or give up. Instead, they use failure to motivate themselves. Take Gary Vaynerchuk, for example. Loves to lose. It sounds out of place. But as he himself says, “I’m obsessed with losing.” The reason? “I love to lose because I know what you think of my loss and I can’t wait to see your face when I come back triumphant.”

5. You are led by passion

Passion: It leads us to take risks and make our dreams come true. For entrepreneurs, this also means focusing only on the goals they are passionate about. It motivates them to achieve these goals regardless of distractions or obstacles.

If you’re the type to work when something hurts or finishes a project before the deadline, passion guides you.

6. You get bored easily

Do you think you get bored easily? Some people believe this is a problem. There is nothing wrong with getting bored with activities that don’t use or challenge your skills.

That’s why you couldn’t stand most of the classes at school. Either they weren’t difficult enough, or you just couldn’t care less about them – you knew you weren’t going to use the information they were presenting to you.

7. You can delay gratification

Few successful entrepreneurs experience overnight success. The reality is that it can take years, if not decades, for entrepreneurs to develop and start a business. Even after you start doing this, it will take some time to see profits. It takes about three years but it can vary.

Because of this, business owners are patient and ready to delay gratification. At the same time, they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

8. At work, you are a super-connector; You’re lonely in your house

Are you a rock star when you’re at work? This means that you are doing great at work and clinging to you. When you get home, are you pretty lonely?

That is not exactly a mystery. s attach great importance to their work. Even bigger when it comes to having productive habits. It’s your priority – even at the expense of your close personal relationships.

Richard Branson said, “Business is contact. No matter what your workload, don’t allow yourself to work in your cubicle or office all day every day for your own good and the health of your company. You have to go out , Meet people and build relationships. “

9. You can spot trends

When entrepreneurs wander from one place to another, they are always aware of what is happening around them. It’s not a strange security measure. That’s because they look for trends and analyze what customers are asking for.

Take Beanie Babies as an example. The craze began when a suburban community in Chicago started trading stuffed animals. When the reach became national, Peggy Gallaguer found that she had not contacted Germany. Gallagher contacted a dealer in Germany and ordered $ 2,000. He brought a box of hard-to-find stuffed animals to America and won an impressive $ 300,000.

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10. Do you think big or are you going home?

“We are usually told not to mark the house,” writes Lauren Elmore, president of de Firmatek. “It’s generally good advice. In fact, the best business advice I’ve ever received is the opposite: bet on the house.”

“It’s the best advice I’ve ever received because it’s not a unique thing now,” Elmore explains. “It’s a way of life and a mindset that encourages taking risks and giving everything to make it work.”

Of course, betting doesn’t mean you are doing it without care. s minimize risk by surrounding themselves with the right people, being resilient, and identifying their fears of being released.

11. You have lost jobs in the past

Have you moved from job to job because you got fired? Don’t be ashamed. You are too creative, focused, and self-motivated to work for someone else.

In fact, I would say that you are a little selfish – why would anyone else take advantage of your work and talent?

12. You are never satisfied

Did you outperform your colleagues in science or sports at school and were still disappointed? Do you generate more sales than your colleagues, but still feel that this is not enough?

You keep trying too hard knowing that victories are short-lived. This is why you see many entrepreneurs starting one thriving business and migrating to another – they want to face new challenges.

You may not have made a leap in business yet, but knowing these 12 characteristics is a “when” rather than a “what if”.

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