12 keys to the new normal for entrepreneurs

What will the future and the new normal look like? Nestor Márquez presents 12 keys for entrepreneurs to adapt their business to the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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12 keys to the new normal for entrepreneurs
12 keys to the new normal for entrepreneurs

The opinions of the employees of s You are personal.

Societies have always been characterized by outbreaks because infections affect not only the human body but society in general. As an entrepreneur, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly affected you in some way. The interesting thing will be how you want to deal with it.

Those who have a very short vision generate short-term business, he says Nestor Marquez, Digital transformer, entrepreneur and top voice from LinkedIn.

During his live class “12 keys to the new normal for entrepreneurs”, organized by e IEBS through the initiative School at home, Márquez warned that organizations should already be shaping their future.

The problem is that “we are talking about the future and looking at the past. We are at a time when we say that technology is developing exponentially, but a look into the past will surprise us with the future. “

The future is not repeated as it was lived in the past, but some patterns are repeated, the specialist warned, since “the coronavirus is a laboratory for the things we have to look out for”.

“After the pandemic, changes in businesses, customers and consumers will be inevitable,” he said. He therefore called on entrepreneurs to adapt to this transformation towards a “new normal”.

Find the keys to achieving this customization in the Néstor class included in this article and don’t forget to attend the following sessions of homeschool. They are Monday to Friday at 1 p.m. Subscribe for free Here.

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