11 surprising things you should know about your personality

they personality It says a lot about you, it makes you yourself. However, it is more influential than you think. Things like the way you hang toilet paper or how you use Facebook can say a lot about who you are.

In one study, the researchers found that putting toilet paper on the top and bottom is a typical sign of a dominant personality. In another study, they found that black coffee drinkers have more narcissistic, unsocial, and piscopathic traits than those who drink it with cream and sugar and are more open and personal. Personality is the reason for everything, even for the little things we do every day without realizing it.

11 surprising things you should know about your personality
11 surprising things you should know about your personality

To learn more about who you are and why you do the things you do, here are 11 weird things you should know about personality:

1) You make more money if your personality is related to the characteristics required for your work

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Finding the perfect job is like finding the love of your life: things have to be in a row. The more chemistry they have, the better their story will be together. The same applies, according to a current study, to the world of work. The more your personality is related to the characteristics that are required for your work, the more money you will earn. For a study published in Psychological science A group of around 8,500 people was analyzed and the characteristics of their personality compared with the requirements and characteristics required for their work. The researchers found that people whose personalities had characteristics similar to those needed for their work had a higher income than those who did not.

2) The climate of the place where you grew up affects your personality

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Cold and severe winters can make us grumpy and unhappy. On the contrary, 25 degrees and sunny days can make us happy and smiling. Although it is known that the weather affects our mood in the short term, it turns out that it also has an impact in the long term. Research published in nature found that people who grew up in warm weather are often more pleasant, open and less neurotic, while people who grew up in cold climates are less friendly and basically more cold.

3) Your personality can cause you to lose or gain weight

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There are certain personality traits that are related to the weight of people. A study by the American Psychological Association found that people with a high degree of neurosis and low thoroughness have more frequent cycles of weight loss and weight gain throughout their lives. People with a high degree of “impulsiveness”, ie people who like to take risks and are cynical, competitive and aggressive are more likely to be obese. “Impulsive people tend to eat uncontrollably and consume more alcohol,” said Angelina R. Sutin, author of the study. “These behaviors can help you gain weight over time.”

4) Your personality influences what you learn at school

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Research suggests that what a person studies at school speaks volumes about who they are. It turns out that the stereotypes are true: According to a study, art students are more temperamental, psychology students are more open and economists are unreliable. When comparing the personality traits of more than 13,000 students with their areas of study, the researchers found that people in the arts and humanities are neurotic, that is, grumpy, irritable, and emotionally unstable, while there are few people studying law and economics. reliable and less pleasant. Medical students are more sociable and sociable.

5) Your political inclinations are influenced by the personality traits that you had in your childhood

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From religion to politics, the way you are brought up has a huge impact on what you believe. A study published in Psychological science, who analyzed information from more than 16,000 people in the UK, found that an adult’s political beliefs were related to their temperament in childhood. The researchers found that people who had “behavioral problems” during childhood, meaning that they were aggressive, fought and stolen by their peers, were more likely to support the left and dissatisfied with the political system.

6) Some personality traits are associated with a longer life expectancy

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People with certain characteristics such as openness and friendliness are more likely to live longer than others. A group of researchers examined information from previous studies and conducted their own survey. They found four key features related to longevity: 2 specifically for women and 2 specifically for men. Emotional stability and sympathy led to longer life expectancy for women and openness and care for men.

7) Your personality influences the way you use social networks

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The way you use social networks says a lot about who you are as a person. One study found significant differences in how extroverts use social media compared to introverts. According to the study, extroverts use the networks almost twice as often to meet people, share their lives and expand their business network. Another study found similar results: extroverts are more likely to be integrated into social media via instant messaging and video calls than introverts. This study also found that anxious and unstable people tend to trust social media but are less likely to actually interact with others. These people often use the platforms to create false personalities of themselves, to project themselves as funnier and happier than they really are.

8) The way you drink your coffee says a lot about how you’re doing

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Research shows that your coffee preferences can tell a lot about your personality. According to a study, people who prefer black coffee and other bitter flavors tend to have anti-social, narcissistic, and psychopathic personality traits. In contrast, people who prefer to drink their coffee with cream and sugar are more open, friendly and considerate towards others.

9) Your personality influences your taste in music

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Our personality is one of the biggest factors influencing the choice of music we listen to. A 3-year study comparing music preferences with the personality traits of more than 36,000 people found that fans of classical music are more introverted and have better self-esteem, while hip-hop fans are often extroverted and have a high level Self esteem. Indie music fans are more creative and open to new experiences, but have lower self-esteem and poor work ethic, while punk rock fans are intense, energetic, and less sensitive. People who prefer folk music, jazz and blues are more thoughtful, open-minded, extremely creative and enjoy new experiences more. Country music fans are more diligent, conservative and empathetic.

10) The way you hang the toilet paper depends on your personality

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From nail biting to a morning bath, all your daily habits say a lot about who you are. Even the way you hang toilet paper can determine your trust. In 2016, Dr. Gilda Carle did the experiment “The Toilet Paper Personality Test”, in which she asked more than 2,000 people if they put the toilet paper with the last box on it from the roll or below and asked them to indicate on a scale from 1 to 10 how assertive they are with other people. It turned out that by hanging the toilet paper “over” you are inherently more dominant. When you hang it up below, you tend to be submissive.

11) Your personality determines where you spend your vacation

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If you are more of a beach, it is very likely that you are a sociable person. If you prefer mountains, trees, and forests, you’re probably introverted. One study found that introverts prefer calmer, quieter destinations with mountains and forests, while extroverts prefer louder and more exciting vacations with beaches and oceans.

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