11 signs that someone is lying to you

Fortunately, lies are easy enough to detect; You just have to know the signs.

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Most people you deal with every day are big liars. According to a study conducted in 2002 by the University of Massachusetts, 60 percent of people lie in a 10-minute conversation , and at that time, they tell on average two to three lies.

11 signs that someone is lying to you
11 signs that someone is lying to you

Fortunately, lies are easy enough to detect; You just have to know the signs. In the book The Liars' Body Language, Dr. Lillian Glass, an expert in body language, explains that we must pay special attention to facial expressions, body movements and speech patterns.

Here are some signs that someone is lying when talking to you:

1. Quickly move your head

If by asking a direct question you see that the other person quickly shakes his head, he could be lying in his answer. You could throw it back, lean it forward or sideways, often just before responding.

2. Your breathing changes

When someone is lying to you, they could start breathing more heavily. It is a reflex act. When the breath changes the shoulders rise and the voice could take on a lower tone. In essence, breathing is modified because the heart rate and blood circulation increase. The body experiences these changes when it feels tense and nervous … when it knows, for example, that it can be discovered.

3. Stays very still

It is common domain that when a person is nervous becomes restless. But what about the people who remain motionless? Having a rigid posture can be a sign that someone is nervous and is preparing for a possible confrontation. When you have a normal conversation, it is natural that you move your body in a subtle and relaxed way, with unconscious movements. So, if you perceive a rigid posture, devoid of movement, something could be wrong.

4. Repeat words or phrases

This happens because she is trying to convince you and herself of something she is saying. Seek to validate the lie in your mind. For example, I could repeat “I don't …” over and over again. Also, repetition is a way to save time in what you try to collect your thoughts.

5. Touch or cover your mouth

A telltale sign is to put your hands over your mouth. This happens automatically, when a person does not want to face a problem or answer a question. When someone places their hands on their lips, it means they don't want to reveal everything, or that they simply don't want to tell the truth. It is literally hampering communication.


6. Covers vulnerable parts of your body

When they are lying, people often instinctively cover vulnerable parts of their body. This may include areas such as the neck, chest, head or abdomen. According to the expert, who has worked on investigations for the FBI, this is a common attitude in the courts. “I can always know when someone's testimony has hit the spot because the defendant covers his throat with his hand,” he explains.

7. Move your feet

This is one of the first telltale signs of a lie. The potential liar feels uncomfortable and nervous, so he moves his legs without even noticing. This also shows that you want to get out of the situation, get away from it. The feet can say a lot about someone: look at them when you are in the middle of an important negotiation.

8. Give too much information

When someone speaks and speaks and provides too much information – with details that are not required – there is a high possibility that they are not telling the truth. Frequently, liars talk a lot because they expect that, by being open to talk, others believe in them.

9. It is difficult for him to speak

If you ever see a video interrogation of a suspect who is guilty, you will realize that it is difficult for him to speak more and more. This is because, in times of stress, the nervous system decreases the flow of saliva, which dries the mucous membranes of the mouth. Other signs to consider include suddenly biting your lip or pursing your lips.

10. Point out a lot

When a liar is hostile or defensive, find a way to return the ball. He will become hostile because he will be angry that you have discovered his lies, which can lead to a lot of accusations.

11. Stare, without blinking

When someone lies it is common to break eye contact. However, the liar could make an additional effort to maintain eye contact in an attempt to control the conversation and manipulate his interlocutor.

Most scammers throw too long glances, and often blink little. On the other hand, when someone tells the truth, he moves his eyes from time to time, and even looks away. Liars throw stares and cold to intimidate.

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