11 mistakes that take you away from your first million

“If I could do it, you can too.” Find out how to do it.

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I have been a millionaire three times in my life. The first time I saw a million dollars in my account I almost passed out. Despite knowing that it was almost reaching that figure, the fact of seeing it complete took me by surprise.

11 mistakes that take you away from your first million
11 mistakes that take you away from your first million

With dedication , patience and focus , becoming a millionaire is totally achievable, do you know why? Because if I could do it, everyone can do it.

The hardest part? I think it would be fair to get that first million . After that everything falls into place, but why is it so difficult to achieve? I think that everyone is at some point not reaching it, but it is just these characteristics that set you off target.

1. You are not thinking the right way

As Napoleon Hill said in his landmark book “Think and Grow Rich,” rich people think differently than others. After interviewing the 1,200 richest people in the world, Steve Siebold agrees with Hill's results, among some thoughts that both agreed are:

  • The rich believe that poverty is the root of all evil.
  • They know that being selfish can be a virtue.
  • They have an active mindset.
  • They acquire specific knowledge.
  • They dream of the future.
  • They follow their passion.
  • They enjoy challenges.
  • They use other people's money.
  • They focus on earning more, not just saving.
  • They know when to take risks.

Simply put, if you want to become a millionaire start changing the way you think about money and success.

2. You care a lot about being perfect

This is one of the most important and valuable lessons I have learned in life: nothing is perfect. The earlier you accept it, the faster you can move on (instead of getting stuck).

If you are starting a business, the longer you spend perfecting your service, the more competitors you will have and the more you will alienate your potential customers. Experiment and enter the market as soon as possible. You can always improve and make profits at the same time.

3. You spend everything you have

You have just received a check and are already tempted to buy a luxury car. “Rich” people know how to live discreetly and not destroy all their income. For example, Warren Buffet lives in a modest house and drives practical cars.

4. You set unrealistic expectations

Rich people dream big and at the same time set real expectations because they know that becoming a millionaire will take more than one night and they will need a lot of patience to achieve their goals.

Ask a marathoner if he can run a marathon without training and preparation.

5. You follow others blindly

It's amazing to follow in the footsteps of someone who has made fortunes, but the truth is that what worked for them doesn't necessarily have to do with you. For example, launching a company like Microsoft or Apple may not work right now, so following the path of Jobs or Gates step by step may not help you at all.

Understand what works for you and your business and how you can succeed in that industry.

6. You trust plastic a lot

Credit cards can be a good option when building your credit or investing in a business (as long as you know how to use them). It is very easy to go to the credit bureau so take care of your interests and do not fill yourself with debts.

7. Don't plan ahead

The rich tend to always see ahead. They know where they want to go and what they need to be successful. This gives them the opportunity to anticipate any obstacle and have a plan to knock down all obstacles.

If you are starting a new business you need to establish a future plan that will not only lead you to attract customers but also retain them.

8. You spend time with the wrong people

The wealthy do not waste time associating with the wrong people. And with these I mean the negatives that are passed by telling you that you are not going to get far.

Instead, they have passionate, positive people who believe in a bright future, who build their brand.

9. You do everything by yourself

It is impossible to do everything by yourself. Let's say you just launched a startup, you need to hire people who share your strengths and lessen your weak areas.

Learn how to delegate. This is one of the secrets that they will rarely tell you, but if you want your business to grow, you have to.

10. You are not in the right place at the right time

Whether making an investment or starting a business, timing and location is everything.

Ryan Graves, for example, only tweeted “Hire Me” Travis Kalanick in 2010.

Graves became the first Uber employee and well, you know what happened to Uber right? Instead of day dreaming, take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

11. You don't believe in yourself

What is really stopping you from being successful? It is probably because you do not trust yourself. Instead of asking yourself whether or not you are capable in each movement you take, trust yourself and take the hand of your intuition.

Dale Carnegie said:

“Doing nothing gives you doubt and fear. Instead, the action fills you with confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, you don't feel at home thinking about it. Get out and take care. ”

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