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11 keys for highly productive people

May 3, 2020

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When it comes to productivityWe all have the same problem: the day only has 24 hours. However, there are people who seem to do more with their time. They have the strange ability to finish their earrings, they even work on different projects at the same time.

11 keys for highly productive people11 keys for highly productive people

We all want to do more during the day and there’s no better way than to use every minute of every hour. It feels amazing when you leave the office after an extremely productive day. It is a “rush” that is difficult to overcome and with the right attitude you can reach it every day. You no longer have to make an effort, you just have to work smarter.

Here are some things ultra-productive people do:

1. You never “touch” things twice

Productive people never leave semi-finished items on the to-do list because returning to a task twice is a huge waste of time. Do not save emails or calls for later processing. Manage your earrings as soon as they catch your eye, whether you want to reply, delegate, or delete.

2. You leave everything ready for the next day

Productive people end up preparing for the next every day. This exercise does two things: it solidifies what you’ve accomplished on the trip and ensures that you have a more efficient morning. It only takes a few minutes a day.

3. “You eat frogs”

This Anglo-Saxon expression means that you have to start the day with the least appealing task on your to-do list before you can do anything else. After that, the rest seems to be easier to do.

4. You fight against the “tyranny of the urgent”

This term refers to those followers who need to be resolved immediately and where we don’t have to pay attention to what really matters. This is a major problem because urgency often has little impact on the essentials.

If you let yourself be devoured by this kind of small earrings, you can spend days and even weeks without paying attention to the projects that really make you grow. Productive people know exactly when “pumping” is affecting their performance and are ready to ignore or delegate things that can slow growth.

5. Hold on for a minute for meetings

Meetings between superiors and employees can often be a huge waste of time. Ultra-productive people know that if they leave, a meeting can continue indefinitely. Therefore, they inform the participants that they follow a to-do list in order to move forward as quickly as possible. This enables the participants to concentrate and work more efficiently.

6. You can say “no”

“No” is an extremely powerful word that ultra-productive people are not afraid of. If you have to refuse to do anything, avoid sentences like “I don’t think I can” or “I’m not sure”. If you say “no” to a new commitment, your previous commitments will be taken into account and you will be able to fulfill them in the best possible way.

A recent study by the University of California at San Francisco found that the harder it is to say “no”, the more likely you are to experience stress, fatigue, and even depression. Learn how to use “No”.

7. You only check your emails at certain times

Ultra-productive people don’t allow their emails to be a constant interruption. In addition to checking their emails at scheduled times, they know how to use their provider to prioritize their messages by sender, set notifications on topics that matter to them, and even have the “autoresponder” feature to reassure their customers that they will check their emails thoroughly.

8. You don’t do many things at the same time

People who manage their time effectively know that there is no greater productivity killer than doing multiple things at once. Stanford University research confirmed what needs to be done multitasking It is less productive than focusing on a single slope. The study found that people who are regularly bombarded with various sources of electronic information are not careful, remember less and take longer to master their slopes.

But what if you are good at doing multiple things at once? The analysis showed that people who believe that multitasking It helps them improve their performance by being worse than those who are focused on one slope at a time. According to the study, people who multitask spend more time organizing their thoughts and filtering external stimuli than people who concentrate.

Your brain can only concentrate on one thing at a time, and if you do two things at the same time, your head loses the ability to successfully complete a single task.

9. Disappear

Don’t be afraid to get away from it all when you need it. Give a family member or friend a number they can use to reach you in an emergency, and let that trustworthy person be your filter, where everything that doesn’t need your immediate attention should be waiting. This strategy is bulletproof when important projects have to be solved.

10. Delegate

These people accept that they are not the only intelligent and talented people in their organization. They trust others to do their jobs so they can focus on theirs.

11. They let technology work for them

It is true that technology can be a great source of distraction, but it can also help you focus. They use applications like IFTTT, which put filters on your smartphone and only notify you when there is an emergency, e.g. For example, if your promotions reach a certain price or you receive an email from your best customer. That way you don’t waste time looking at your phone all the time.

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