10 ways to improve in 10 minutes or less

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We generally think of our time in hours, days, weeks, months and years. A 10-minute period looks like a drop in the bucket. If we stand 10 minutes ago leisureWe generally think about how to spend it while waiting for the next task.

10 ways to improve in 10 minutes or less
10 ways to improve in 10 minutes or less

But these small blocks of time add up. How many increments of 10 mins Do you lose every day How often do you leave this time unused?

When used correctly, 10 minutes is more than enough to improve. Yes, it is possible to do something in 10 minutes or less to make your life better, happier and more productive.

Do you want to know how? Reading takes less than 10 minutes.

1. Increase your concentration and productivity with the 50/10 rule

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An easy way to excel is to increase your productivity and make the most of your time. How can you do that in 10 minutes? First of all, you have to concentrate fully on your work for 50 minutes – give it your full undivided attention during all this time. But here’s the key: when these 50 minutes are up, take a 10-minute break.

This is called the 50/10 rule and works wonders to increase productivity and focus. Fifty minutes is a manageable amount of time for uninterrupted work, and a break of 10 minutes is enough to recharge your engines and prepare you to concentrate again.

How do you fill this 10 minute break? Do what you want, but be ready to go back to work after the time runs out. And if you really want to be productive, choose something else from this list to take advantage of this break. Imagine 10 minutes counting for two!

2. Practice gratitude

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Take 10 minutes to strengthen yourself mentally by remembering everything you should be grateful for. Practicing gratitude is not only good for your soul; It has been scientifically proven to motivate and improve your physical and mental health.

If you think about all the positive things you have and all the wonderful people in your life, you will have a happy attitude and open doors for more relationships. Take a few minutes to write down three good things in your life and you will see your mood rise and your mind recover.

This increases your self-esteem and resilience, which means that if you have an attitude of gratitude, you can become stronger mentally and deal with high stress better. People who focus on what they are grateful for have a lasting feeling of happiness and less aggressiveness. They show more sensitivity and empathy towards others.

3. Learn a new word

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When we’re at school, we’re exposed to a considerable amount of vocabulary, but the speed at which we learn new words decreases significantly. If we, as adults, do not make a deliberate effort to improve our language skills, our vocabulary will essentially stagnate.

However, a strong vocabulary is not just a good way to appear smart to other people. helps you express yourself more clearly. A broader vocabulary gives you a better understanding and understanding of the language and allows you to choose your words more precisely and express yourself.
Language is central to your “communication toolkit” and the key to success. If you improve your language skills, you can communicate more effectively. According to a study, learning new words stimulates the ventral striatum or reward system in the brain so it can be fun. Try expanding your vocabulary a little every day with one of these mobile apps.

4. Become a speed reader

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We all know that reading is an important way to acquire knowledge. And many of us spend a large part of our day reading, whether through reports, scanning slideshows, or browsing through email. Although we have to read a lot of material every day, most people only read an average of 200 to 250 words per minute. It’s about two minutes per page, so it takes more than three hours to read a 100-page book.

Now imagine you can finish this book or report in a third of the time or faster. All it takes is 10 minutes and a little practice. Would you like to know what your reading rate is? Click here to run the Staples Quick Read Test.

5. Take a nap

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Skip the mega-cup of coffee or the high-carb snack and do something that gives you a real boost of energy without consuming large amounts of sugar. Find a quiet corner, close your eyes and take a 10-minute nap. Just a short break will help you feel fresh and alert for several hours.

Longer naps can make you dizzy right after you get up, but a 10-minute nap will revive you with no negative effects. If you’re concerned that a nap might affect your sleep at night, try in the morning or early afternoon.

6. Learn a new language

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What if you took 10 minutes a day and learned a new language? How fluent could you be in six months? In a year? With a little care and concentration, 10 minutes a day can help you acquire conversational skills in another language, thanks to microlearning or consuming new information in short, concentrated bursts.

Duolingo and other language apps are designed to help you learn a new language in just five minutes a day. If learning a foreign language is on your bucket list, make a 10 minute commitment every day and you will make it.

7. Have a coffee break with a friend

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Socializing is not only a pleasant way to spend time, it is also good for your brain. Happy and friendly conversations have cognitive advantages.
Studies have shown that speaking and socializing can help us solve problems. But remember to play well with others: conversations that are competitive or aggressive do not have such advantages.

The researchers found that attending just 10 minutes of conversation increased people’s performance in common cognitive tasks. So having a quick coffee with a friend can give you a competitive edge when you get back to work.

8. Go outside

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Walking out and stretching the legs for just 10 minutes is enough to improve brain function, concentration and concentration. A walk can relieve depression, improve bone health, reduce stress, and promote a healthy heart.

Spending just 10 minutes a day outdoors can also help your body absorb the amount of vitamin D it needs. It turns out that it can be difficult for our body to absorb vitamin D if it only eats properly. We actually get 80 to 90 percent of this nutrient from the sun.

But spending too much time outdoors without sunscreen is also not a good thing and can lead to sun-damaged skin. A 10-minute break outdoors will help you get what you need from the sun without being damaged.

9. Prepare to be successful tomorrow

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Your last 10 minutes of the working day are crucial to prepare for a productive morning. Take a few minutes before going to bed and read the to-do list for the next day. Have you finished all of your earrings or are there items that need to be moved the next day?

Count briefly: Write down all things that hamper your mind. That is, all the essential details you want to remember about the things you are working on. Use this technique to organize and prioritize tomorrow’s to-do list.

Finally, unsubscribe from the email and take a moment to organize your desk and work area. So so! You have ended the day and have an advantage for tomorrow.

10. Write in your diary

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Put yourself in the right mood for sleep by spending the last 10 minutes before bedtime writing in your diary. Just tell yourself what you did that day. If you have ugly handwriting, try keeping a diary on your computer.

Regardless of how you choose to keep a diary, you should be honest and honest about how your day went, what profits and losses you have made. This gives your day a feeling of closure and helps you process everything that has happened.

What could you have done differently than you remember your day? Ten minutes of introspection will help you learn from your experience and grow. Finally, write down what you hope for tomorrow and make sure you are optimistic and positive.

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