10 unforgettable logos

A logo It is the graphic image of a brand. This advertising strategy has been used for many centuries to identify a company or an originator. In addition, the meaning of logos is that they are easily recognizable from childhood.

A logo must be able to condense that into a single image Brand personalityto convey a clear message to the public and, above all, to become an effective tool for marketing and promoting the company. These can consist of the brand name, initials or a drawing that relates to the company, its values ​​or its history.

10 unforgettable logos
10 unforgettable logos

We present a list of the 10 logos that our users remember the most on social networks. Consider their strategies when designing your company:


Image: Kristian Egelund on Unsplash

The sportswear and accessories company has managed to position itself remarkably. The slogan “Just do it” and the popcorn in their logo are simply unforgettable. Why a popcorn? The NIKE brand was founded in the 1960s and both its name and logo are inspired by the Greek goddess Nike, the deity of victory, who had wings and was very fast. The design was created by a young student who was receiving $ 35 at the time. We like it because it’s simple, easy to remember, attractive, and because of its relationship to corporate values.

2) Apple

Image: Zhiyue Xu on Unsplash

A bitten apple is the image of one of the best known and most innovative companies of the 20th century. There are many theories about the origin of this logo: it pays homage to Alan Mathison Turing, the inventor of the modern computer, who committed suicide with a poisoned apple. that it was the favorite fruit of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak; Which is the emblem of Apple is recording, The Beatles ‘record label, Jobs’ favorite group; that Jobs’ adoptive father was a farmer and that he belonged to a group of farmers or a simple reference to the apple of Isaac Newton (The first logo indicated this sign). The logo designed by Rob Janoff was originally a rainbow and mutated to light gray. Many assert that the bite means knowledge, or that it refers to the fact that “bite” in English is what “byte” changes.

3) Coca-Cola

Image: Jordan Whitfield on Unsplash

This brand is a benchmark for all advertising elements and its logo is no exception. It consists only of white letters on a red background (or red letters). The logo was created in 1885 by librarian Frank Mason Robinson, who believed that two letters “C” would look attractive in any advertisement. He named the brand and added the italic font that was most commonly used in the United States at the time. In fact, the first design has undergone very few changes in its history. Coca-Cola is found in more than 200 countries around the world and it is almost a fact that everyone recognizes the logo from a distance.

4) Sabritas

Image: mafarifi_ via Instagram

Sabritas is one of the most popular brands in the Mexican market. The company “Sabbores Botanitas” was taken over by Pepsico in the 1960s, founded by Pepsi and Frito-Lays, who were responsible for the image of Sabritas, based on the popular Lays snack in the USA. This logo is said to have been created during a focus group when the participants were asked in the branding process what this product produced, to which many responded with one happy face. From then on, the design has changed over the years, but it is still the main differentiator of this company that “wants to see you smile”.

5) Starbucks

Image: Sorin Sîrbu on Unsplash

The logo of this coffee shop chain is practically known worldwide and one of the most plagiarized. As with NIKE, the origin of the name and logo has a mythological and literary basis. The name appears in Herman Melville’s famous novel, “Moby Dick”where Starbucks was the first officer on Captain Ahab’s ship. Although many refer to the logo as a mermaid, the logo is actually a Melusina, ie a Nereid with two tails. In the beginning the logo was in black ink and then it turned green. This element has changed a lot and currently (as of 2011) a close-up of this character is shown.

6) Google

Image: Rajeshwar Bachu on Unsplash

If a brand is able to cover its logo, change its colors and even leave out a few letters and change it for drawings, it means that it has accomplished its mission. And there is no better example than Google. This shows the Doodles (Logos that honor certain characters or events). The first doodle appeared in 1998 and was “Burning Man”. Google also changes its colors to shades of gray when a global tragedy occurs. The logo of the most important search engine in the world has changed over time. In the beginning it had an exclamation mark (copied from the Yahoo!) until the current one, designed by Kedar Ruth and based on the Catull script, is reached.

7) Ferrari

Picture: Jannis Lucas about Unsplash

The logo of this luxury car brand is one of the best known, as it has become a status symbol alongside its style and elegance. Usually the picture shows a rampant horse black on a yellow background with the letters S and F, “Scuderia Ferrari”. The horse was the symbol of Count Francesco Baracca, who participated in the Italian Air Force in the First World War. In 1923, Enzo Ferrari met Baracca’s mother, who asked him to provide the horse his son used because it would bring him luck. It was like this. Since then, this has been the Ferrari emblem to which Enzo added the color yellow to be representative of his birthplace: Modena.

Other famous automotive logos are the star of Mercedes Benz That teaches the championship on land, water and in the air and the four interlocking rings of Audi which refer to the union of four Saxon brands.

8) McDonald’s

Image: XUNO. about Unsplash

The golden “M” from McDonald’s is one of the most famous symbols in the world. It was first used in 1962 when Jim Schindler, inspired by the arches of the first establishments, used this logo in all of his restaurants. This large “M” is of great importance for both its color and its shape: First, it promotes hunger and represents a safe and absolutely trustworthy place. In addition, the golden hue is suitable for investors who see this fast food brand as a profitable option for a company. This logo is known as “The golden arches”.

9) Disney

Image: Valentin GIRARD on Unsplash

Disney is synonymous with family entertainment and fun. The original logo shows all of these features. The logo was created by stylizing the signature of its founder Walter Elias Disney. However, this large company is changing its image according to its products. For example, in addition to typography, it shows the famous castle with a blue background (inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany) for films, while for others the unforgettable silhouette of Mickey Mouse’s ears or hand is used.

10) Nestlé

Image: inma · lesielle via Unsplash

Nestlé is one of the largest food companies in the world, a recognition that it has preserved over the years. The first logo of this company was created in 1868 with its creator Henri Nestlé, who decided to base the design on the meaning of his last name in German (small nest) and on the family emblem. It wasn’t until 1938 that the name was added and gradually simplified and modernized to breathe life into the image we know today.

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