10 TV shows for entrepreneurs

If you think you can’t learn anything good on TV, get to know some series and reality shows that provide valuable lessons.

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10 TV shows for entrepreneurs
10 TV shows for entrepreneurs

Get to know some of the latest programs that you can see in reruns on Netflix-like services or even YouTube that you can work with Binge watching and learn at the same time.

one) Shark tank

This reality is the American version of The dragon’s den, a BBC Canadian show based on a Japanese show. Shark Tank is about a group of investors (known as “sharks” or sharks) that various entrepreneurs show their projects in search of funding. This program is a “must” for anyone looking for investors to start or grow their business. From this, they learn what to say to get their attention, as well as the main mistakes that entrepreneurs make when presenting their business ideas. . The Mexican version is broadcast by Canal Sony via cable.

2) Secret boss

This program is a franchise company originating in England and has been adapted in different countries. In this case, the manager of a large company enters his own company incognito (as part of the staff and to change his appearance) for a week. With the excuse that a documentary is being made, the cameras film the businessman as he examines how his company actually works, what the problems are and identifying opportunities for improvement, as well as the most valuable employees that he ultimately rewards from the performance. Why should you see it Often, entrepreneurs (especially senior ones) don’t know how their own business works. This insight is ideal for understanding how it works and putting yourself in the position of your employees.

3) 2 broke girls

This American sitcom tells the story of two young people – a middle-class Brooklyn girl and a former millionaire whose father committed fraud to work and learn to live without money – who want to open their own cupcake business. . Although it looks like it is just a comedy to hang out with at first glance, it actually has many lessons for entrepreneurs. For example, the desire of young women to be entrepreneurs; and secondly, that although they are newbies, they know it perfectly How much money do you need? to make your dream come true. The series shows many of the sacrifices and challenges that an entrepreneur has to face before becoming a business owner.

4) mad Men

This multi-award winning drama series has been one of the greatest hits of late. It takes place in the 1960s and tells the complex life in the world of advertising. The main character, Don Draper, is a successful publicist and partner of a renowned agency. Despite being a womanizer, alcoholic, and workaholic, Draper’s leadership is remarkable. He is a manager who understands that innovation and creativity are the main axes for a competitive and successful company. that you surround yourself with the best talent and know how to motivate them. Another lesson from this character is the importance of the image for success in business, so that it is always dressed impeccably.

5) America’s next big restaurant

If you want to open a restaurant, you shouldn’t miss this reality show. Around 10 chefs have developed an original restaurant concept that has to prove that it will be successful for both the idea and the quality of the dishes. Well-known food critics, chefs and customers are the judges: They decide who wins and who loses, ie who receives the financing for the opening of their own restaurant. In this show you will learn how to work under pressure and how important it is to seduce consumers through the senses. We recommend from the same creators Top chef.

6) The office

This funny comedy with Steve Carrell shows the involvement of a paper company office. This series simulates documentation and shows everyday working life situations and the relationships between colleagues and the boss. This show helps to understand the concerns of the employees, the relevance of the work environment for the productivity of a company and the keys to the motivation (or demotivation) of the employees. It’s a fun lesson about Human resources.

7) The secret millionaire

This reality show, also made in England, is about a millionaire who leaves his luxury life behind to go incognito underground in a poor community. For a week, the businessman lives on a limited budget, works hand in hand with people and searches for projects that deserve part of his wealth. In the end, he reveals his identity and spends thousands of dollars to improve his living conditions. This program talks about a very important topic for entrepreneurs that is often pushed into the background: the social responsibility. Authentic leaders support their communities and invest in their development. They know how to grow with others and not over them.

8th) How I made my millions

This program is about normal people who are successful in business with a good idea and become millionaires. This film introduces clips about renowned CEOs or company founders telling their story as entrepreneurs (usually there are three per chapter). Knowing the origins of some of today’s most profitable and well-known companies is very inspiring for entrepreneurs like you who are starting from scratch.

9) House

The main role in this drama is played by a self-centered, sarcastic and brilliant doctor who, together with his team, tries to solve medical puzzles and diagnose atypical diseases. Although House is a controversial character – drug addict and misanthrope – his case resolution strategy is applicable to all activities. When a patient arrives, they immediately call a meeting with their team (a select group of talents) where they are made “Brainstorming” get a diagnosis. In general, he is the one who discovers the state because he knows how to get to the origin, takes into account the small details and attacks him without feeling or fear. An entrepreneur must also have a problem-solving process and the ability to keep a cool head in any situation. Remember that “business is business”.

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