10 toxic attitudes that prevent your job growth

We tell you how you can regulate these actions to avoid harming the people around you and we help you fight them.

10 toxic attitudes that prevent your job growth


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10 toxic attitudes that prevent your job growth
10 toxic attitudes that prevent your job growth

You can be a highly experienced collaborator and have the necessary skills to perform a very important position, however, if your behavior within the institution is decadent and your actions or attitudes with your colleagues border on the rude or toxic or you could be losing the opportunity to catapult you to success.

Various studies have shown that the mood of collaborators in organizations can positively or negatively affect their productivity and thus their possible growth within the company, for example, the study by academics at Northwestern University, revealed that 68% of people with a positive mood have a better attitude and productivity towards their work than those who are negative.

Therefore, below I will mention some strategies to implement to reduce conflicts within your company and with your work team, so that you achieve a positive change at work level and of course, personal.

You should keep in mind that everything that happens at the cognitive level (see, hear, feel, smell and taste) triggers thoughts that if not controlled in time can unleash emotions for which you may not be prepared, resulting in an action either through thoughts, words, even actions that, when repeated constantly, will define your lifestyle in a positive or negative way.

On this occasion we will focus directly on 10 toxic actions that you can regulate to avoid damaging the people around you as well as the best way to combat them:

  1. Kill. Any living being that can be from a plant or insect.
  2. Steal. Be they ideas, objects and projects, etc.
  3. Inappropriate sexual behavior. Damage third parties by your behavior.
  4. Lie. Hide information, weave a story to hide your discomfort with something or someone in the office, fall into the exaggeration of something to make you notice.
  5. Generate gossip Inert talk that does not nourish or contribute anything to the team or that harms someone from work.
  6. Tell bad words. To offend someone because of the tone or way in which you say a high-sounding word even if your intention is not to directly hurt someone, simply causing discomfort is enough to fall into the toxic.
  7. Intrigue Speak in order to divide the team, that is, manipulate information to generate a conflict from which you would benefit (recognition, positioning, etc.).
  8. Greed. It has to do with envy, wanting something that the other has even if it is not indispensable for you.
  9. Malice. To wish that someone from your team does badly without doing something to you.
  10. Wrong understanding of reality. Believe that everything is permanent, like your stay in the company, believe that things are solid and inherent and finally believe that things are autonomous, that is to say that they exist by themselves, when in reality everything is interconnected by circumstances and conditions, For example, companies would not be companies if they did not have their collaborators or leader.

Taking into account the above, it is necessary to generate the habit of observing how many times and at what time one of these toxic or non-virtuous actions is commented, in order to take action on the matter to reduce psychosocial risk factors and thereby build a favorable organizational environment, therefore:

  • Recap At the end of the day, write down in a notebook the activities you carried out and identify the distressing or negative emotions you felt, these can be fear, sadness, frustration, guilt or jealousy, as well as the emotions that made you feel happy, introspection Constant will help you know what kind of situations alter your feelings so it will be easier to control the situation intelligently. To achieve this, this free ebook will help you :
  • Meditate It is not necessary to leave the office to do it, some relaxation techniques can be carried out in your workplace: sit on the edge of your chair, with your back straight, close your eyes and remember something that makes you smile inside , observe how your body breathes alone, you do not have to modify anything, just pay attention when breathing, how the abdomen expands and contracts … after a few minutes you will notice the change in your mood.
  • Express massage The neck, neck and shoulders are places where tension is most concentrated, so an express massage can improve performance, increase motivation and improve your good mood in less than 20 minutes.

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