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10 tips to unleash your creativity and generate great ideas

September 28, 2020

These techniques will inspire you to find solutions and develop solutions that will sell.

The opinions of the employees of You are personal.

10 tips to unleash your creativity and generate great ideas
10 tips to unleash your creativity and generate great ideas

As an entrepreneur, I can tell you that begin, to lead Y. to build A company goes beyond skills, commitment and knowledge.

s and other business leaders need a lot creativity staying relevant in the market, maintaining customer relationships and overcoming obstacles. And when we get very close to our company’s forest, it is sometimes too difficult to see every tree clearly.

Then we get stuck and have creativity blocks.

But no worry; There are simple strategies to ignite your creative spark. Note something:

1. Review your mission. Missions are usually written and forgotten. With yours on hand and constant review, you can focus on the why of your business. When you are clear about the why, it is much easier to find the what. If you don’t already have one missionNow is a good time to write it.

2. Be inspired by your customers. I recently heard some successful entrepreneurs talk about where to find inspiration. Both said that when they feel stuck or frustrated, they call their favorite customers. This will restart your creativity.

3. Reading. Personally, I don’t read anything that doesn’t help me better serve my customers, and I generally find inspiration in my daily practice of reading something interesting on the internet. But sometimes that’s not enough, so I have to read outside of my comfort zone to ignite the creative spark.

4. Schedule staff meetings and brainstorming ideas. Your employees know your company from a different perspective than you do. Regular brainstorming meetings provide inspiration and creativity. This also gives your team a sense of belonging and allows them to have a voice on the things that matter to your company.

5. Take a day or a few hours off to do something that inspires you. When you’re away from the office for a few hours, or ideally a full day, you can return to the office with a new perspective. For this purpose, it is optimal to spend this time in places that inspire or calm you.

6. Meet with a coworker for a chat. When I feel really stuck, I call my friends who are also my coaches. Whenever I do, I have a lot of new ideas that I try to write down so as not to forget them.

7. Take a vacation. Your creativity may be blocked because it has been a long time since you last went on vacation. Even if it’s not a good time to leave the office, a weekend trip to a nearby location can be enough to refresh your creativity.

8. Disconnect. The idea of ​​an entrepreneur leaving work for a day or even a few hours seems unthinkable. But one thing I’ve learned is that when I leave work, my creativity opens up. It is really powerful to create a space between your work and yourself.

9. Seek advice in unexpected places. Sometimes someone who is not affiliated with our organization and even our industry is the best place to find inspiration. I do it a lot and I’ve noticed my best ideas come from the strangest places and people.

10. Meditate or exercise. You don’t have to be religious or spiritual to take advantage of practices like meditation or prayer. Exercise has the same effect. When we try too hard to generate creativity, we block it instead. If you are calm for a few minutes a day, you can unlock creative juices and clear your thoughts. Running without music has a similar effect for me.

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