10 tips to get more followers on Twitter

Follow these tips and use the microblogging social network to promote your brand and attract customers.

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10 tips to get more followers on Twitter
10 tips to get more followers on Twitter

Social networks are increasingly present in our lives, which is why it is increasingly important for companies to get on board. Twitter is great for businesses as it provides a place to exchange messages. engage with loyal customers and attracting others, although it is not easy.

Some try quick fixes like buying followers (something I’ve never done before) but I just don’t see the point in this weird tactic. It may offer short term growth, but it won’t give you that engagement that bio-trackers offer.

When I joined the social media movement in March 2009, I was just an observer for the first six months. By staying constant and steady every day through different methods, my account grew and now, with more than 380,000 users, people are asking me for advice on increasing their number of followers.

Here are some easy ways to achieve this (along with the process I follow on Twitter) that you can implement on your other social platforms as well:

Returning favors. Follow people who retweet your posts, especially if they take the time to read the articles you’ve written and comment on anything. Also, take the opportunity to compromise if possible. The more you cover, the more people will respond and return the favor by following you or leaving comments.

Stay active. Follow new people every day, even if you can only spend a few minutes on each platform. I usually do this on my phone when I’m waiting for someone.

Expand your network. Do people ask about quality over quantity? True, but I prefer both to maximize my reach. You need to keep building your community both online and offline. I met many contacts in my community through my tweets or shares.

Make retweeting a habit. Although I have a lot of followers to reply to, I tweet at least one person every day. This gives you a fan for life sometimes. I love Instagram, I’ve spent a month following people, and in a short time my presence on social networks grew rapidly. That said, you need to be consistent in order to garner followers and keep in touch with others on a regular basis.

Pay attention. Keep your eyes peeled for those who are retweeting or sharing your content. Like a tweet, the person will see that you are paying attention. The more people see that you value their efforts, the more they can retweet you. The more visible your brand is on other sites, the more organic followers you will generate.

Stay focused. Tweet relevant, high quality content. People will visit your page regularly to share your tweets. When people are excited about getting your message across, your account becomes more visible.

Network and participate. Take it offline. Nowadays people communicate their love for food, nature and other passions. For example, if you have a passion for photography, organize a photo walk. When you bring your social networks to the real world, people will share your photos and you will get more followers.

This is a great way to start an online and offline conversation.

Show your skills. Twitter is a great place to show off your talents, especially writing and photography. If you’re a writer with informative and relevant content, put it there. The same goes for good pictures. People will share it and this will make you visible to have more fans.

Find influencers. Reach out to other opinion leaders and post 10 people on your blog. They will love to share your content with their readers and this will help you get more followers too.

Diversify. Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. With this last point, apply these ten tips to the other social networks. Technology changes very quickly. It is important to keep up with changes in the social world.

Remember, the more seeds you plant, the bigger the harvest. An hour a day focused on followers gives you a robust community.

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