10 tips for your company in the “new normal”

Communicate via your social networks, your website, your digital community and your friends about your return from activities, the new hygiene measures that apply to your safety and your schedules.

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10 tips for your company in the “new normal”
10 tips for your company in the “new normal”

* The author professor of the course “Safety and hygiene, reactivate your company in Covid-19 times” developed by the Aprende Institute.

Based on the staggered reintegration of economic activities into the “New Normal”Millions of companies that have ceased or restricted their activities due to the coronavirus pandemic have to adapt to the new hygiene regulations to ensure a healthy environment for their employees and customers.

For this fresh start, it is necessary to implement effective strategies to communicate the return of activities in a secure environment that should attract customers again and with which small and medium-sized companies can adapt to the new context and reactivate their business success.

To support this process, I share the following recommendations:

Test equipment and machines

Make sure everything is turned on and working normally, especially the devices that have been turned off during these months. Maintain the ventilation units to avoid that air from space is often recycled.

Train your team

It is important to communicate the new measures to your team and advise them so that they can apply them correctly. To make it easier to monitor these tasks, you can have someone oversee the process. All of your employees need to know how to do this and understand the protocol.

It is important to communicate the new measures to your team / image with the kind permission of the Aprende Institute

Cleans and disinfects

Every room of your premises, working tools, furniture and equipment must be in good condition. This should be repeated in terms of frequency of use using disinfectants in sprayers, towels, fiber or microfiber towels or mops. For surfaces that could be damaged by chlorine, an ethanol concentration of 70% is recommended.

Apply the prevention rules of COVID-19

This includes both your employees and your customers. Remember that the use of protective equipment such as face masks and masks as well as hand disinfection, social distance and temperature control is mandatory. This is the only way to reduce the number of coronavirus infections.

Prepare yourself for every inspection

Keep in mind that the authorities will monitor whether the companies adhere to the dates, hours and measures set for the restart of the activities. Follow national, state, and local regulations. To do this, go to official information sources.

Let everyone know that you have already opened

Communicate through your social networks, your website, your digital community and your friends about your return from activities, the new hygiene measures for their safety as well as the schedules, promotions and new services that you will have for your customers. Let them know that they are safe with you.

Image: Courtesy Learn institute

Organize a reopening with friends and acquaintances

An event with close people can serve as a rehearsal and allow you to anticipate scenarios. It will also help you improve your procedures to ensure the safety, comfort and satisfaction of your other customers. That their feedback allows you to improve and prepare for future situations.

That customers are your influencing factors

Ensuring that they feel confident that they can find a high quality service in your company that is well adapted to the new context and that they have a pleasant experience will ensure that they recommend you and that you “orally” “Advertise.

Improve home and take away service

Options such as delivery and collection open a market for your products and services. You have the opportunity to innovate tools such as the packaging you use and thus contribute to branding your brand. Since your company’s experience goes beyond the facilities, you can pamper your customers right on the doorstep.

Taking health recommendations into account is of the utmost importance in order to avoid and close sanctions. This new context requires adaptation, innovation and generation of new methods and tools so that companies can continue to function and customers can continue to enjoy their services in complete security.

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