10 thoughts that boycott your work (and your life)

What would happen if we exchanged these ideas for more beneficial ones? We would feel better, our surroundings would change and our day would be more profitable.

They give 5 a.m. That squeaky alarm you hate so much sounds, and after opening your eyes, the first thing you think is: “No, please. Not yet”. Although this thought may sound as normal and meaningless – after all, who does not hate having to leave the comfort of his bed to go out into the cold and cruel world? – it is actually more powerful than you think. And not in a positive way.

Like this one, there are many other phrases that we pronounce during the day without thinking too much, and that predispose us to have a negative attitude . But what would happen if we exchanged these unproductive thoughts for more beneficial ones? Surely we would feel better, things around us would change and our day would be more profitable.

10 thoughts that boycott your work (and your life)
10 thoughts that boycott your work (and your life)

Do it tomorrow. If you don't notice any difference, return to your previous state. But don't stop trying!

“One more day”

Dawn with a negative thought is equivalent to sentencing your day. If you get up reluctantly and with little initiative, do not expect the rest of your day to flow beautifully. How to reverse this situation? Sleep early the night before, wake up with the first alarm, meditate, take a bath with cold water and indulge yourself with a good breakfast . Your day will be completely transformed.

“It's not fair”

Do you think life is unfair to you? Maybe you have too many outstanding, do everything possible to finish them on time and, meanwhile, your partner or your boss spend happy hours on Facebook. It is true: it is unfair, but it will do no good to irritate or wish that the other person is bitten by a dog. Focus on what you do well and stop worrying about the actions of others.

“My boss hates me”

Your boss arrived in a bad mood at work, and instead of greeting you, he asked you with an arrogant tone to deliver 8 thousand 453 pending before 3 o'clock. Not satisfied with that, he forgot to congratulate you on the great proposal you made the day before . Hates you? No, that is simply your way of dealing with your own problems. Tattoo one of the golden rules of work on your arm: inside the office, NOTHING is personal .

“Fulanito is useless”

If you are “one of those” who talks about plagues of your boss or your co-workers, it may be time to change your attitude. “He is incompetent”, “he is here because he is a friend of the owner” are phrases that we usually pronounce without thinking too much, and that harm us more than the person to whom they are addressed. In addition to filling you with rage, they show you as a negative person in front of others. And who wants to be close to someone who only knows how to criticize?

“I could have done better”

Requiring you to improve is good for professional growth, but don't confuse this with being too hard on yourself. If you are never satisfied with what you do, you will always feel anxious and unable to enjoy your achievements … and, believe us, you have them well deserved! Try to do your best in everything you do and learn to accept the results.

“This only happens to me”

If you are one of those who believe that the world conspires against them, we have news for you: you (and no one but you) are the only one who is setting foot. If only negative things happen to you, maybe it's because you're doing something wrong.

“It will not work”

Your favorite activity is to discard options, because you are sure that they are not viable or will not get good results … And that is “experience tells you so”. Isn't it, rather, that you fear risking trying new things ? How do you know that something will not work if you don't try?

“I want them to be 5”

How many times do you watch the clock while you are in the office? Yes, we all wait for the time when we can run from those four walls, but don't put all your expectations in that moment if you don't want the rest of your day to be torture. Learn to be in the present.

“I will do it later”

If you live in this world, surely you have many more outstanding than you can handle. But relegating the big tasks to prioritize the small ones, those “pumped up” or the tasks that have to go out every day, will make the snowball bigger and threaten to destroy your emotional tranquility. Learn to manage your time and prioritize.

“I don't have time for me”

You work like a madman, and yet the earrings are still stacking on your desk. You could spend day and night there, taking out non-stop reports, but most likely the job would never end. As a wise saying goes well, if you don't set aside time to be with you, nobody will do it for you. Learn to value your personal life and give it the place it deserves. Maybe that means organizing yourself better, giving in to some things, or maybe even changing jobs … Only you will know.

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