10 things we can do to lend our hands among all against the coronavirus

In the face of this emotional drain we are already feeling from the Covid-19 crisis, there are simple actions we can take to help our community.

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Today's generations, especially millennials and centennials , we tend to be very cynical about the quality of the human being and its validity as a species. It is not just my opinion, a recent study by Harvard University reflected that, having grown up during the great economic crises of the last 40 years (1994 and 2008) and seeing the worldwide catastrophes caused by man, minors 50 years we have an attitude of exhaustion with the world. In other words, meme generations are fed up with everything .

10 things we can do to   lend our hands   among all against the coronavirus
10 things we can do to lend our hands among all against the coronavirus

It is not difficult to understand why we see the world in such a soulless way. Just look at the hundreds of notes that we have seen on television and social networks in the last few days where people talk about how they hit each other to buy 346 rolls of paper to face the coronavirus pandemic. As if Covid-19 affected the digestive system instead of the lower respiratory tract.

Faced with this emotional burnout that I began to feel in the face of this flood of increasingly dark news, I asked on my social networks what are some actions that as individuals we can take to alleviate the pressure and tension that we are all feeling during the pandemic. These were some ideas that occurred to us.

1. Heed the instructions

This is the most important point: Follow all the recommendations of the world health authorities and your country to limit the spread of Covid-19. They are not otherworldly things: wash your hands constantly, do not say hello or kiss, avoid leaving the house if you feel bad, etc.

Follow the official Twitter accounts to stay informed and not spread disinformation:

2. Leave supermarkets free from 7 to 11 am for older adults and vulnerable groups


This idea was shared with me by my colleague Sandra Notario, editor-in-chief of our sister magazine Nupcias , on WhatsApp. It seems to me that it is a phenomenal idea since we not only give our old people the opportunity to also prepare for quarantine and get the products they need, they can do it without having to expose themselves to crowds that endanger them. Spread the word!

3. Buy gift cards


This is a very good idea, especially to support SMEs and small businesses in your area. If they haven't declared quarantine in your area yet, go to your favorite coffee shop and buy a gift card. In this way, you will give money to this establishment to endure the closure of activities and then you can celebrate with someone special when the emergency passes.

4. Real community


It often happens, especially in big cities, that we live in huge buildings full of people we never talk to. Share your phone number with your elderly neighbors or those who require special support so that you can support them if they need something and, very importantly, make a call during these days so that they do not feel alone.

5. Become a country and buy in an SME


We have seen the large crowds in retail chains, but what if you shop at the neighborhood's grocery store or in the market on wheels? These small merchants also have products that you need, require your support (during and after the emergency) and at the same time, avoid crowds that could be the focus of contagion before they close operations due to quarantine.

6. Be very aware of the purchases you make


I know. It is very easy to panic from everything we see on TV and Facebook and want to run to buy 16 liters of antibacterial gel, but really, you do not need it and by hoarding you could really put yourself and your loved ones in danger.

“Do you know that your only panic purchases are going to cause food prices to increase, encourage shortages in the country and leave other people without products (such as disinfectants) that would also prevent YOU from getting sick?” Alicia Ramírez, president of the National Association of Nutrition of Mexico (AMENAC) , told me when she gave me recommendations to buy in the supermarket and I couldn't agree more.

7. If you are a boss, please send home office

Image: Bench Accounting via Unsplash

Telecommuting is still a taboo for some reason in Latin America, but at times like this pandemic, it can be seen that many jobs can be done from home. It is true that not every job can be teleworking, but if it applies to your business, do not force your team to go to the office! Not only do you expose them to getting sick, your employees will be less productive because they will want to run away from work to get to their loved ones. More if we consider that many may be parents with children already in cessation of activities by orders of the SEP.

If your concern is about lowering your team's productivity, there are hundreds of digital tools to reach goals and monitor daily activities: Hangouts and Zoom for conferences, Monday , Asana and Slack for team project management, Aircall for the work of your sales department, to have virtual meetings, DropBox to share information packages, Intercom to continue serving the needs of your customers, Rescue Time and Toggl to carry daily productivity reports, etc.

8. Support your domestic assistants


If you are in a position to have help cleaning the house, consider not stopping paying the person who helps you even if they cannot go home to do their work for quarantine. They, like many, depend on that money to take care of themselves and you would not be spending extra capital, simply not cutting it if it is not necessary. Of course, study your finances and do not put your family at risk, but I support those who depend on you.

9. Help care for the unprotected

Image: John Moeses Bauan via Unsplash

A sector of the population that will not be able to benefit from the home office or quarantine measures are people on the street or those suffering from food shortages. You can make financial or in-kind contributions to different organizations such as Fundación Por Niños , Acción Contra el Hambre or directly with UNICEF and FAO in Mexico .

10. Take care of your mental health

Image: Emma Simpson via Unsplash

Yes, even if it all sounds, taking care of your emotions is also protecting your community. High stress moments like this can cause our stress levels to go sky high, so it is important to take a moment to calm down. Remember: working together we will get through this. Take time to meditate, exercise, talk to your loved ones, distract yourself, and give yourself a chance to have moments of silence. Sometimes this world seems to want to drive us crazy and a couple of minutes in silence can be invaluable.

The pandemic that we are experiencing due to Covid19 is not a minor situation, but we do remember that first of all we are human and we are together in this.

Take care!

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