10 terrible bosses (and how not to be one)

All (or almost all) of us had horror movie bosses. In our life as employees, it is very easy to come across one of these beings who take away the urge to work and make us shudder every time the phone rings.

Now that you are the boss it is important to be aware of this and to avoid these mistakes that will cause you to lose the trust and respect of your team. Here are the 10 horrific bosses out there and what to do to avoid them.

1. The perfectionist

10 terrible bosses (and how not to be one)
10 terrible bosses (and how not to be one)

For this kind of boss, only he is right and everyone else gets things wrong. From the start, he hopes you are wrong and just waits for the moment to point it out. Think things can only be done one way (yours) and correct whatever you deliver. He doesn’t trust his team and his mentality is “If I don’t do it, it won’t work”.

Here’s how to avoid being one of them: Trust your team. Accept that nothing in life is perfect and doesn’t have to be. Try to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. If you let your people work in their own way, you might be surprised and get great results.

2. The “friend”

These bosses are so intent on building friendship with their subordinates that they put work and seriousness aside. You have zero authority and want to feel “like one more” in the team. He often makes jokes and jokes with his co-workers and goes out for a drink with them every week. It is so important to him to fit in and to be liked by his employees that he is willing to forego productivity and leadership.

Here’s how to avoid being one of them: Understand that you are not his friend. It’s okay to have good relationships with the people you work with, but you have to learn not to push the envelope. Don’t let them lose their respect for you; Instead of celebrating with them every weekend, earn their admiration and trust with your attitudes and actions.

3. The Cantinflas

This type of boss is characterized by talking a lot and not saying anything. His words are full of straw and he calls meetings all the time just to talk and talk without a purpose. When giving feedback or explaining a task to be done, he is saying ambiguous things and offering no clarity or understanding. He likes to give meaningless speeches and empty conversations.

Here’s how to avoid being one of them: Define what you want to say. Before attending a meeting or giving a presentation, make sure you know what the goal is and how it can be achieved. Remember, you need to be clear and not waste valuable time in order for your team to do their job well.

4. The tyrant

This boss loves to cause fear. His employees are a kind of servant to him who please and must follow his instructions to the letter. He is happy to cause fear and make people feel less. Sometimes he even humiliates the person because he has a habit of yelling and scolding someone in front of others.

Here’s how to avoid being one of them: Understand that fear is not equal to respect. By creating fear in your people, you will achieve nothing; They will never turn to you and you will always have the wrong view of your business. You need to leave your ego (or insecurity) behind and see your employees for who they are: people with dreams, ambitions and ideas.

5. The operator

In general, this type of boss is a workaholic and wants everyone to be. He has no private life and neither does others. It’s the typical one calling you on the weekend asking you to stay in the office late. He is fascinated by stress and does not care about the health or the balance between private and professional life of his employees. He’s asking for more than he needs, and work is the only thing in his head.

Here’s how to avoid being one of them: Have a private life. Start with yourself: In the past few years, you’ve probably had to leave your family and friends to get your business going, but it’s time to find some balance. Take care of your health and relationships, and be aware that your team needs to take care of them too.

6. The bipolar

Laughing, crying, screaming, getting excited, throwing the pen, slapping the desk … these bosses are weapons to use. There is no such thing as emotional intelligence for them. They show all their feelings, scorching, believing that it is “necessary” to share them with others. It is common to hear him scream when someone makes a mistake, or even cry when something goes wrong. They are like little children who love to have tantrums.

Here’s how to avoid being one of them: Increase Your Emotional Intelligence. Before reacting, calm down and think about how to act. Don’t let your emotions dominate you; learn to think with a cool head and not make decisions from the moment.

7. The blackmailer

He’s the boss who says what people want to hear but don’t really believe. He wants to please everyone, but in reality he keeps making promises and commitments that he cannot keep. He also likes to plant weeds; he doesn’t care that people on his team face each other as long as he washes his hands and looks good on both parties.

Here’s how to avoid being one of them: Be honest. Don’t get false hopes or promises you can’t keep. Remember that your word is a valuable weapon and you shouldn’t waste it senselessly. Only if you keep your promises will you become a trustworthy and respected leader.

8. The lazy

It is completely different to be a micromanager and completely different to be completely absent from what is happening in your company. This type of boss is the one who “trusts” too much; that is, you never do anything and expect your team to solve everything. He’s late every day and he’s on the phone all the time. When you ask him about a topic, he almost never knows how to answer it. He’s irresponsible and things mean little to him. He doesn’t like to work and is distracted or yawns in front of the computer.

How not to be one of them: Follow your passion. If you’re not doing your ideal job (especially if you’re an entrepreneur), it’s time to get off the ship. Remember that you are the role model to follow. So be the first to get to the office and spread optimism with your team.

9. The stalker

He’s one of the worst types of bosses. He often takes advantage of his role of “authority” to flirt with his subordinates or subordinates. You enjoy bullying and have the right to do anything you want.

How not to be one of them: Respect the people who work with you.

10. The insecure

This type of boss can present himself in two ways: very arrogant or overly shy. In both cases the problem is uncertainty. The former expresses it by being rude and offending others. Killing people makes you feel better. And the second is always to seek approval from others. He cannot make decisions for himself and doubts all his actions.

How not to be one of them: Have confidence in yourself. Be aware of your abilities, but also your weaknesses, and work on them.

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