10 strategies to earn passive income

How to make $ 1,000 a month without doing any extra work.

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10 strategies to earn passive income
10 strategies to earn passive income

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In this video, financial advisor Jeff Rose offers ten strategies for consistently generating monthly passive income. These strategies are:

1. real estate, either rent your property or invest in a property to display on platforms such as Airbnb.


2. REITS (Real estate investment funds) privately or online.

3. Peer-to-Peer Loans through platforms like Prosper.

4. Stock dividends Individual or ETF.

5. bonds, However, the interest rates are currently low and can lock your money on for ten years or more.


6. High Yield Savings Accounts (online), although the interest rates on these are also very low, but even an interest rate below one percent is better than nothing.

7. Cryptocurrency Savings Accountsthat are riskier but are currently attracting a lot of interest

8. Affiliate Marketing: Share products and services you like and get paid through links on your website or YouTube channel.

9. YouTubeby posting videos that will generate revenue long after they are posted.


10. Digital products such as email challenges, PDF, ebooks, online courses, etc.

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