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10 sets of Pancho Villa to meet this historical character

May 15, 2020

These quotes will deepen this revolutionary’s commitment to the most vulnerable.

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10 sets of Pancho Villa to meet this historical character
10 sets of Pancho Villa to meet this historical character

This story originally appeared on Mexico Unknown

Get to know some of the famous phrases from Pancho Villa, revolutionary man who is committed to the causes of his time.

Francisco Villa, also known as Pancho Villa, was actually named José Doroteo Arango Arámbula. He was born in 1878 in La Coyotada, a community in the state of Durango. His life ended on July 20, 1923, when he was en route to Parra, Chihuahua, after being treacherously assaulted and murdered. However, his teachings managed to transcend the limits of time. For this reason, we can still put this knowledge into practice and make it a better society.

10 sets of Pancho Villa (Francisco Villa)

Historian María Eugenia Fernández saved some of the following sentences along with those of other actors in the Mexican Revolution. Others emerged from the interview with Regino Llergo Hernández’s villa.

1. “Shoot him and we’ll find out.”

2. “I, Pancho Villa, was a faithful man who was brought into the world to fight for the good of the poor and that I will never betray or forget my duty.”

3. “This (his son Agustin) is the one I want to be a doctor. The other, Octavio, a soldier, and the youngest, Panchito, seven months old, become a lawyer … I have my hopes for my children. When you have completed your preparatory studies, I would like to send you to the best schools in France, Spain or Germany. Not to the United States. The first thing I teach my children is to hate the enemy of my race.“”

4. “I have made the students and teachers in Canutillo happy: the children who provide them with everything they need so that they can continue their education; Teachers who respect them, how I respect them and pay them on time. I prefer to pay a teacher first and then a general.“”

5. “Cultivation is one of the greatest accidents in my breed… The education of the children of my race should not go unnoticed by the rulers and the citizens. The necessary attention was never given to the educational problem … “

General Francisco Villa / Picture: Casasola Fund, CONACULTA-INAH

6. “I ran between the millions of ounces of gold and I swear I never stole anything … If I had been like many others, Francisco Villa would have been a disgrace to his race! …”

7. “It is time for prejudices to stop and society to establish itself on a stronger, more natural, smarter, more just and noble basis.”

8. “Soldier of the people and leader of my soldiers, sincere and disinterested servant of my country and my people, loyal to the death of my bosses and my companions, the highest feeling of patriotism guides all my actions, sincere patriot and companion ideal: these are the only ones Titles that I claim because they belong to me, because I managed to win them for the price of my blood and my constant efforts. ”

9. “A priest is a businessman like everyone else.”

10. “The country must be governed by someone who truly loves his people and his country and who shares wealth and progress.”

Francisco Villa, the Northern Centaur / Image Via México Unknown

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