10 practical KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your personal brand

This way you can determine whether you are managing your talents well.

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10 practical KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your personal brand
10 practical KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your personal brand

To be well positioned in the professional world is the desire of many to reach it the process It starts long before the desired results are achieved.

Why It is a process: Includes building a personal brand, which may also include a professional brand over time.

The personal brand It represents all attributes, advantages and what people perceive about you, your way of binding, doing, being and your values. This combination of factors relates to perceptions in others that you are often not even fully aware of.

As a starting point, it is therefore important to know that this construction is gradual, does not take place overnight, and includes one essential aspect: self-awareness of your strengths, aspects of improvement, added value that you add permanently, and knowing how to find out how You can best project what you do abroad: your audience.

It is important to avoid confusing your personal brand with your presence on social networks. There are many other attributes that need to be specified to identify who you are as a professional and then to configure your personal and professional identity.

You can be great at what you do. However, if your personal and professional DNA don’t match or you don’t communicate them properly, noises will appear in the perceptions that you want to create that limit the scope of your personal brand.

KPIs: 10 ways to measure your personal brand

Once you’ve built your personal brand out of your identity DNA and projected it through your professional brand, you can use a concrete tool to measure the impact you get.

The impact is measured based on concrete results.

There are the so-called “KPI”, Key performance indicator;; in Spanish we can translate it as Key performance indicator or management indicators.

KPIs are specific measurement aspects that you can use to determine the performance of the actions and strategies you have carried out.

When your personal brand is well positioned and consolidated, you will gradually recognize a combination of these 10 KPIs to recognize that you are on the right track:

  1. Project offers. People with a personal DNA that achieves coherence, impact and connection are given project opportunities to join. This helps to expand your personal brand through various actions that you can articulate through your strategy.

  2. Calls to work. You also regularly receive job offers; They are gradually being taken into account, and if you manage it well, they will call you again and again, meaning you have a loyalty to customers and projects that will solidify your activities over time.

  3. Acquisition of new skills and competencies. One of the keys that the personal brand opens is that you contact new realities and keep learning as long as you are encouraged to expand.

  4. Increase in followers and news on social networks. As a result of your communication strategy in line with your personal and professional brand, you will find that you create communities around your style and activity..

  5. Invitations. Another relevant KPI is that your name appears on the table of projects, events, conferences and participations of various types, whether rented or not, which in turn strengthens your brand.

  6. Increased traffic on your website and blog. As a personal branding tool, it is recommended that you have your own website or blog that reflects your content and services and is part of your positioning. If you work well on your personal brand, visits will increase and the content can go viral, affecting more people and of course you.

  7. Visibility in the media. As the media gains greater relevance within your activity based on your personal seal, they may be interested in inviting you to interviews, opinion pillars, and participations that further enhance your message.

  8. Increase your “market value”. Over the years of ongoing work, personal branding creates a perception of value in the market that translates into better fees and opportunities to better market your services or products.

  9. Improve your reputation. A very relevant aspect of KPIs is the reputation others say about you when you are away, as stated Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon. Reputation is a set of attributes (positive or negative) that occur when analyzing the timeline of your life and professional performance. If you have worked hard and committed and your balance sheet is impeccable, your positive reputation will grow. You also need to remember that it can be lost in just a second. So it’s a very valuable asset to take care of.

  10. Moment of choice of proposals. Another relevant KPI is when you can choose what kind of work to do. In the beginning we all took almost everything that was presented; As your personal brand matures with a successful KPI that, as mentioned above, has been achieved over the years, you have the opportunity to choose what resonates with you the most.

As I share in my book “Personal brand: If the product is you“Creating your personal brand doesn’t mean inventing a character to represent. On the contrary, you have to search deeply for what most identifies you, your essence, to shape it out of your being. Then do it , and finally it will come as a result of all this previous sowing.

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