10 phrases that every entrepreneur should hear

Take into account these quotes that members of the US Navy listen to every day to become successful men.

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The training of members of the US Navy is not known for its “comfort factor.” The six-month screening process kills at least 80 percent of its volunteers, each day serving as a test and an opportunity to push them to the brink of mental annihilation.

10 phrases that every entrepreneur should hear
10 phrases that every entrepreneur should hear

When remembering, there are phrases that the instructors repeated for two reasons. First, all of Marina's bodies had a good sense of humor and second, it was another way of teaching us how to think, (as if running with a boat on our heads wasn't enough) that eventually made us something special.

Here are ten inspiring quotes from instructors that every entrepreneur should know:

1. “It pays to be a winner”
Competition is at the heart of a startup mindset. Although the monetary benefit can be motivating, many entrepreneurs pursue their dreams to fill the need for autonomy, financial freedom, and to provide unique value to the product.

2. “It may or may not be worth being a winner”
Improvement in anything requires self-awareness to know when to accelerate your efforts and when to pause them.

3. “We are not going to stop until at least one person resigns”
Don't let them put a blindfold over your eyes. Training, learning and improving never ends. There is no completion status, just one that shows us the next step.


4. “Nothing lasts forever”
James Allen; author of “As a Man Thinks. So is His Life ”(As a Man Thinketh), he once said that“ circumstance does not make man, it reveals him. ” ship is not an evolution from one day to the next.

Success comes for those stubborn who choose to ignore the temporary discomfort of a delay in the long-term strategy of delivering value.

5. “You don't have to like it, you just have to”
Sometimes you just need to lower your head, clench your teeth, and run into battle.

6. “Take them out”
As trainees, there was a price to pay when we were wrong (always). Whether it was a mistake in armed conflict or in business, there are egos and lives at risk when decisions are bad. Learning and accepting mistakes requires a humility that not everyone has, only true leaders.

7. “If you're going to be stupid, it's better to be rude”
Sorry, but silly questions exist and are usually asked by silly people. As a Navy student, when a classmate had a silly question, the whole class suffered.


We all live with the power of choice and if you choose to do “evil” then you must prepare to face the storm.

In his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Stephen Covey talks about how the choice lies between the space of stimulus and response and how being responsible for one's actions is more about being able to respond or choose the thought that will guide your behavior.

In conclusion: accept responsibility for your actions and your mistakes.

8. “There are two ways to do things: the right way and again”
If a particular task is worth your time and energy, then you should do it well. Sometimes you only have one chance for success. Make it worth it.

9. “Everything is mind over matter, if it doesn't bother me then it doesn't matter”
This was something an instructor said to us while punishing the class. s share many characteristics in common: independent thinking, creating their own paths and going against the current despite the risk of pursuing the passion that leads them. Nothing else matters to them.


10. “Face up, face down, face up, face down, stand up!”
Change happens when you least expect it and lasts indefinitely. Preparation is not enough, but adaptability is. The personal will to accept change and to adapt to it will allow you to flourish in the unknown. Preparation is only a by-product of the will to deal.

11. Bonus: “Does anyone want to give up?”

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