10 Marketing Books You Must Read To Sell

Do you want to win over your customers? We share a list of books to help you sell and meet consumer needs.

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10 Marketing Books You Must Read To Sell
10 Marketing Books You Must Read To Sell

1. The Starbucks ExperienceJoseph Michelli
Starbucks, which was founded in 1971, originally sold coffee beans and equipment to make them, but later innovated by turning a routine activity into an extraordinary experience. After interviewing the company’s executives, partners, employees and customers, the author uncovered the five secrets that led this famous brand to open more than 16,000 stores around the world.
Original title: The Starbucks Experience
Publishing year: 2007

2. The 22 Immutable Laws of Brand, Al Ries and Laura Ries
Branding is one of the marketing terms that came into vogue in the 90s. This book talks about the brand and its creation and development process. In addition, it will bring together the experience gained after applying the marketing strategies and knowledge in Coca-Cola, Xerox, BMW, Federal Express and even Chupa-Chups. If you want to create a brand and get it known, apply these 22 principles and make your customers fall in love.
Original title: The 22 Immutable Trademark Laws
Publication year: 2002

3. The Lean StartUp methodEric Ries
This book introduces us to a new way in which companies develop and bring their products to market. Before that, you had an idea that was actually implemented independently of the customer. It is currently recommended that companies be more efficient with capital and more effectively support human creativity. This method allows you to know what your potential consumer really wants through continuous testing.
Original title: The lean startup
Publishing year: 2013

4. Guerrilla MarketingJay Conrad Levinson
At the time of this book’s publication, the author was considered a pioneer with his unique “take no prisoners” marketing approach aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. With more than 20 million copies sold, it is one of the most important reference books for business professionals as it provides valuable business advice for marketers and management lessons for the 21st century entrepreneur.
Original title: Guerilla marketing
Publication year: 1983

5. Approval MarketingSeth Godin
Companies have found that the strategy of distracting us from what we’re doing (interrupt marketing) is no longer working. Previously, the consumer did not know that this type of advertising was taking up valuable time, but now it is important that the approval marketing strategy be applied, which encourages the consumer to willingly accept the advertising. This book will help you develop strategies that will help your customers fall in love with your product.
Original title: Authorization marketing: making friends out of strangers and customers out of friends.
Publication year: 1999

6. The Blue Ocean StrategyW. Chan Kim
Companies have always tried to compete with one another in order to keep growing and attracting more customers. This book gives you a different perspective on the strategies that have been put into practice over the years. The Blue Ocean Strategy is a systematic approach to make competition unimportant. The leading companies of tomorrow will be able to use innovation to create “blue oceans” of safe and growth-capable market areas.
Original title: Blue ocean strategy
Publication year: 2005

7. Inbound Marketing, B. Halligan and D Shah
This term is used to describe a new digital marketing method that has long been proven to deliver more and better results than the traditional method for small and medium-sized businesses around the world. The marketing techniques of sending emails, making phone calls and even advertising on the street are becoming less and less effective. Currently, the consumer is visiting social networks, google and blogs to get the information they want. Increase your traffic, create and promote a blog and most importantly use the social networks that your customer finds.
Original title:
Publication year:
* Only available in English and online version

8. No logo: the power of brands, Naomi Klein
This book tries to analyze the influence of brands in today’s society. The author’s task is to explain the first phases of resistance to corporate dominance and the economic and cultural conditions that led to such resistance. His hypothesis is that when people learn the truth about business practices, they oppose them.
Original title: No logo
Publication year: 2000

9. Brandwashed: Brainwashing BrandsMartin Lindstrom
Have you noticed the tricks companies use to manipulate our minds and make us buy? In this book, you’ll see some of the tactics that the best brands use to reach our minds and hearts. Find out once and for all what the big companies are doing to keep their products alive and sell so much.
Original title: Brandwashed, tricks companies use to manipulate our minds and convince us to buy
Publication year: 2011

10. The Secrets of Word-of-Mouth MarketingGeorge Silverman
We all agree that the best advertising is the one that is given orally. This is because people are constantly talking about their experience with a product or service. Get to know your target audience and find out how you can win them over so that they speak positively about your brand not only with those in front of them, but also on social networks or blogs.
Original title: The Secrets Of Word-of-Mouth Marketing: How To Generate Exponential Sales From Runaway Word Of Mouth
Publication year: 2011

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