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10 magical cities less than 3 hours from CDMX

May 23, 2020

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The Easter Bridge is approaching and for the residents of Mexico City this means heat, traffic, chaos and time to go on vacation. Unfortunately, the rhythm of life in cities sometimes prevents long distances. However, the capital’s residents have the advantage of having many magical cities nearby where they can escape during this holiday season.

10 magical cities less than 3 hours from CDMX
10 magical cities less than 3 hours from CDMX

The places are considered magical cities due to the cultural richness of the region in which they are located, their indigenous past, the architecture of the place, its historical heritage and the traditions that are maintained in these places. There are currently 111 magical cities in the country. According to the real estate portal, these are some that you can visit less than three hours from Mexico City:

1. Tepotzotlán

Tepozotlán in the state of Mexico is just over 80 kilometers away and 1 hour and 26 minutes from Mexico City. In this magical city, you can visit landmarks such as the ex-convent of Francisco Javier, learn about the past at the National Viceroyalty Museum, or visit various emblematic parishes such as the Plaza de la Cruz, where you will find a carved stone cross with images of Passion Christi . You can also enjoy the delicious food and snow that Tepotzotlán has to offer its visitors.

2. Malinalco

In the south of the state of Mexico and 2 hours and 10 minutes from Mexico City lies the magical city of Malinalco. His name means “Where Malinalxóchitl, the flower of Malinalli, is worshiped”. In addition to being able to visit the Cuauhtinchán Archaeological Zone or the various parishes here in Malinalco, you can also do ecotourism activities, ATV tours, zip lines, etc. climb or relax on a Temazcal.

3. Huamantla

The city of Huamantla is 2 hours 10 minutes from Mexico City. Its name is of Nahuatlian origin and means “place of trees formed or assembled”. The most visited sights include: the parish of San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, the National Doll Museum, the various Pulque Haciendas and the La Malinche National Park. If you travel between July and August, you can experience the maximum party in honor of the Virgen de la Caridad, also known as the Huamantla Fair. In the last days of July, flower carpets, serenades, the balloon festival, the donkey race and other activities take place.

4. Taxco

Taxco is 2 hours and 39 minutes from the country’s capital. The name Nahuatl means “place where you play ball”. This city is known for its silver work, its designs from the colonial baroque and the influence of the Art Noveau.

When you visit Taxco, you cannot miss the Zócalo, the craft market or the monumental statue of Christ on Cerro de Atachi, where you can also admire the city in its entirety. You can also visit the various chapels and parishes, stroll through the Cacahuamilpa grottoes or buy souvenirs at Tianguis de la Plata.

5. Bernal

The state of Querétaro protects the magical city of Bernal. Bernal is 2 hours and 47 minutes from Mexico City and its main feature is the third largest monolith in the world, which dates back to 65 million years ago. In addition to visiting the Peña de Bernal, where you can climb, you should also visit the Capilla de las Ánimas or the Mask Museum. During the spring equinox, thousands of people come to recharge their energy.

6. Ixtapan de la Sal

The word Ixtapan comes from Nahuatl and means “On the salt”, which makes the name of this city a little redundant, but for this reason it is no less beautiful. It is 1 hour and 50 minutes from the federal district in the state of Mexico. The main tourist attraction of Ixtapan are the hot springs, massages and physiotherapy. Beauties like the Green Lagoon or the city of Malinaltenango (Manila) can also be visited here. In the Arturo San Román Museum you can relive the past and enjoy a relaxing tour of the Church of Asunción de María and the city presidency in the main square.

7. Tecozautla

It is only 2 hours 48 minutes that separate Mexico City from the magical city of Tecozautla in the state of Hidalgo. Its name comes from the Nahuatl and means “place where the yellow earth is abundant”. In addition to participating in the fruit fair, which takes place on July 25, Tecozaulta offers archaeological sites such as Pañhú or natural beauties such as the springs and the height of Hualtepec or Cerro del Astillero. The most attractive destination in Tecozautla is a natural geyser that is unique in Mexico.

8. Tlayacapan

Tlayacapan is located in the northeastern part of Morelos State and is a magical city 1 hour and 44 minutes from CDMX. Tlayacapan means “place on earth” and was inhabited by Olmecs and later by Xochimilcas. The magical city of Tlayacapan is not only attractive for its architecture and chapels. The climate and natural beauty of the surrounding hills are a where traditional religious festivals take place. Here you can visit the various museums or take a walk through the archaeological corridor.

9. Huauchinango

Huauchinango is located 2 hours and 12 minutes from Mexico City in the state of Puebla. Its name means “tree wall” in Nahuatl and it is a city famous for the various flowers that make up an essential part of the economy here: jasmine, azaleas, magnolia, tulips, begonias, dahlias and camellias.

When visiting Huachinango, be sure to visit Cerro de Zempoala, where you can abseil. The Tenango Dam, the impressive Tizoc Tree and the Necaxa Dam are other places to visit when you visit Huauchinango.

10. Tepoztlán

Tepoztlán is 1 hour 27 minutes from the country’s capital and is therefore ideal for a weekend trip. His name means “Place of the copper ax” in Nahuatl. To get there you can take the highway to Cuernavaca and make the detour to Oaxtepec. A few minutes later is Tepoztlán.

Tepoztlán is a natural experience and at the same time an insight into Mexico’s colonial past. The main attractions include the Tepozteco pyramid, the temple and the former birth monastery, the Carlos Pellicer Museum, the Temazcales and the El Tepozteco National Park, at the top of which a flock of coati is waiting for you and offers an impressive view of the city.