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10 lessons to learn from Bill Gates

October 28, 2020

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Here we share the best lessons from Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft Born October 28, 1955, adored by some and hated by others, who managed to be crowned the richest man in the world several times:

1. Love what you do

10 lessons to learn from Bill Gates
10 lessons to learn from Bill Gates

From his first interaction with a computer at the Seattle private school where he was studying, Bill Gates was amazed at how this machine worked and became a computer fanatic. He became a programmer at a young age and did not graduate from Harvard University to devote himself entirely to his software company.

Additionally, Bill Gates is so passionate about technology and its possibilities that he has worked with Microsoft on other initiatives that seek from reliable energy alternatives to condom designs that offer a better experience and safety.

2. Find underutilized markets

Gates could see (by luck or intuition) that there was an equally valuable market in consumer computing for making hardware as it was for making software. While his competitors struggled to make the best computers, Bill focused on development Operating systems that allowed it to grow and expand with very little competition.

3. Don’t make up the black thread

Bill Gates has often been blamed for a lack of creativity and innovation. Apple even sued Microsoft for believing that Windows was a plagiarism of the Windows graphical user interface macintosh.

On the other hand, since the creation of MS-DOS, which he sold to IBM and later became Windows, the business model was maintained for the following years: operating systems were created that could work on different computers and that only contained programs could be used with that software will. It’s also no secret that Windows updates aren’t big changes, but rather small improvements over the previous ones. One thing is clear, however: this method worked for him … very well.

4. Learn from mistakes

One of Bill Gates’ best quotes is, “It’s okay to celebrate success, but it is more important to listen to the lessons of failure.” And is that Microsoft’s co-founder, like everyone else, has faced multiple falls? Among them, products like failed Windows Me Millennium, Microsoft Bob (an app that helped with daily tasks) and Windows Vista. Hardware implementation was also not entirely successful (with the Surface range of computers and the takeover of Nokia), with 18,000 employees laid off a few months ago.

5. Surround yourself with the best

From the beginning, Bill Gates knew that the key to success is surrounding yourself with smart people and hiring the best people. He knew this since he started the company with his friend Paul Allen, who was also a computer hobbyist.

Gates has stated that in addition to talent and intelligence, his HR policy is to hire passionate people who share the company culture and want to take on new challenges. In an interview, the businessman said, “When smart people work with you, you want to stimulate them.”

6. Get the best lessons … anywhere

Bill Gates has always accepted that he is a fan of bridge and that the game is the most valuable activity of his spare time. Although he considers himself the average gamer, he says that by playing he can study people and understand their strategies in order to become great players. This game (alliances, strategy development, anticipating the actions of others and reacting to the unexpected) is an important part of your development as a businessman.

7. Understand your stages as an entrepreneur

In the early days of the company, Gates worked practically all day and even fell asleep repeatedly in his office. However, as the business grew, his attitude towards work and his role in the company changed. In 2008 (aged 52) he left his daily work at Microsoft to focus primarily on the basics and focus solely on the product area.

Every entrepreneur has to learn this cycle: in the beginning the business will take sacrifice and a lot of work, but over time you will have to learn to delegate and leave a corporate culture that persists even when you are away.

8. Being a nerd pays off

Bill Gates said, “Be nice to nerds, chances are you work for one of them.” You don’t have to know his story or meet him in person to realize that he is a “nerd” himself. At first glance it is: his glasses, his sweater with a closed neck and his hairstyle give him away. But it’s also a great example of the need to be authentic and true to yourself to be successful, and that some qualities of geeks (like passion, obsession with work, and knowledge) are essential to successful people.

9. Be generous to your company

Bill Gates is known for both the business and philanthropic side. Together with his wife Melinda, he directs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is dedicated to balancing health and educational opportunities at the local level, especially in disadvantaged regions. Today his foundation is the largest in the world in terms of the amount of its financial contributions to all kinds of aid, research and development programs.

10. Have a good personal life

In addition to having a strong marriage and active family life, Bill Gates recognizes the importance of maintaining hobbies. In his case, he is a bridge lover and one of his greatest satisfactions is watching his daughter ride a horse. Also, in a conversation on Reddit, the businessman admitted that he does the dishes at home every night and that it’s an activity he really enjoys.

What do you think of Bill Gates’ work so far?