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10 keys to choosing the perfect suit for a business meeting

May 10, 2020

Modern entrepreneurs, especially those with a startup, seem to prefer casual wear over classic suits.

However, as a businessman who wants to mature his business, it is important that you have some clothing options to look professional when the situation requires, e.g. For example, a meeting with a potential partner, a press meeting or a networking event.

10 keys to choosing the perfect suit for a business meeting10 keys to choosing the perfect suit for a business meeting

Buying a suit can be a scary prospect because you need to choose the right fabric and accessories. We spoke to various style experts to give you some basic tips.

1. What you absolutely must have

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The first two suits that should be in a man’s wardrobe should be navy blue and dark gray, says Franco Salhi, founder of Vesture and stylist for Alec Baldwin and Matt Lauer.

In addition, the specialist says, if you have to choose between the two, you should opt for dark gray.

“During the day, you can wear it with a blue shirt to get a business look. In the afternoon you can put on a white shirt without a tie. “

For fabrics, wool or a mixture of these materials with silk can be used in all seasons. And for a more classic look, choose a short lapel.

2. Broaden your horizons

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The third option you should have is a black suit, says imaging consultant Andrew Weitz. It should be reserved for more formal occasions like cocktails or funerals. “Later you can experiment with funnier things like patterns like plaid.”

Double-breasted also look elegant.

3. Always choose a smaller size than you think

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In recent years, styles in suits have shrunk considerably, says Weitz. Many men choose looser outfits for their arms and legs “and don’t realize that they actually look taller and messier than they really are.”

That doesn’t mean you should choose a very tight suit, the expert says. “You only need it to suit you.” The sleeves of the jacket should be three or four centimeters above the cufflinks and the hem of your pants should be just above the bands of your shoes.

4. Shoulders are the key

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Every outfit you buy needs to be customized, but there’s not much to do if it doesn’t fit on your shoulders from the start. “Even if you lose five pounds, you probably won’t have to change much size in your suits because your shoulders won’t change,” says Weitz.

The line of the shoulders of your suit should never be lower than your real shoulders, and you should avoid using shoulder pads under any circumstances.

5. Release the buttons

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“In the past few years, the presence of suits with just two buttons has increased,” says Salhi, who assures them that these models are more flattering to the body.

One of the best ways to “add personality” to your outfits is to choose the original buttons. “Ask what options your tailor has,” says Salhi. “You can choose pearl – which shines too strongly – or models with an older finish. When shopping, ask a seller to tell you what type of buttons match the fabric you have chosen. “

6. Without socks?

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Young entrepreneurs can – especially in summer – opt for the “without socks” look in order to maintain a fresh image, says Weitz. “It looks good when you cross your legs or sit down. it gives the suit some mobility. “

However NEVER You have to lose sight of who your audience is. “When you go to an investor meeting, the last thing you have to do is look messy. You have to be more conservative for these occasions. “

If your suit is dark blue or gray, you should always choose brown leather for the shoes. Shoes with ribbons or loafers work.

7. Shirts and ties

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For business shirts, avoid those with a “pirate grip” (tight-fitting cuffs with loose-fitting sleeves), those with excess fabric under the arms and those that accumulate at the waist, warns Pranav Vora, founder of the digital men’s clothing store Hugh Crye . White shirts work very well because they go with everything.

For his part, Salhi recommends buying the shirt and tie at the same time as buying the suit to get the complete set.

The tie should reflect your personality, says Weitz, but you should stay away from fluorescent colors and youthful designs. Don’t forget that if you use a scarf in your pocket, it must be the same fabric as your tie.

8. Accessories

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From tie clips to cufflinks to watches and bracelets: “Men’s accessories have never been so fashionable,” says Vora. These objects add personality to your costume (and can be used to start a conversation). Limit yourself to not wearing more than one piece per outfit. “If you decorate yourself too much, you look cheap,” says the expert.

9. How much should you pay?

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A good suit is not cheap, but leaving a good first impression can be invaluable. There are quality options starting at 1,500 pesos, but keep in mind that the more you invest in it, the higher the quality and the longer it will last.

Remember that the brand doesn’t matter as long as the suit suits you. “Many people are obsessed with the label of their suits and don’t pay attention to the rest. Remember you are wearing the suit, not the other way around. “

10. Trends to watch out for

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In past seasons, bright colors have reappeared on the runways, says Salhi. “We will soon see green and red suits, but it must be remembered that trends in the fashion world take time to take to the streets.”

We leave this Real Men Real Style Guide to you to choose the suit with the appropriate dimensions.

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