10 ideas to create a great work environment

These simple activities could have a profound impact on the mood of your company's workers.

It is no secret: the productivity of employees, as well as their level of job satisfaction, is closely linked to the environment perceived at work. For this reason, promoting a relaxed and even fun work environment should become a priority for any company. Gone are the years when companies sought to increase the productivity of their employees by removing all the “distractions”!

These are some simple activities that could have a profound and positive impact on the mood of the workers … and, therefore, on the results of your business.

Recognize the work of your workers

10 ideas to create a great work environment
10 ideas to create a great work environment

It is well known that people feel motivated not only by the salary they receive, but also by the recognition that their work can provide them. If your employees have a good performance, it is not enough for you to know: let them know, and even publicly acknowledge them . You can congratulate them in person, put a post-it on their computers or organize a toast in their honor.

Create a “employee of the month” board

A fun option to recognize your employees is to place a blackboard of honor. Based on some merit, choose among all someone who deserves special recognition. They can choose, for example, someone who always manages to go home on time , to whom he tells the best jokes … The idea is that it is an activity that integrates them as a team, and not a reason for competition.

Prevent your employees from turning their backs

To encourage interaction between workers, it is essential that you have the space so that they can sit opposite each other. Also, look for a wide space, preferably without divisions, in which you can integrate employees from different departments.

Print funny phrases and place them in unexpected places

Do you remember the fun dispute over a stolen sandwich that went viral? Encourage a similar interaction among your employees, which goes beyond the strictly labor and starts everyone with a couple of laughs. You can put signs with funny messages on the printer, trash cans or the refrigerator.

“In case of fire, leave the building before tweeting” / Photo: Funny Signs

Play music

Today, it is common to see office employees with headphones and loud music … and a virtually null interaction. Listening to music together is a great way to integrate and relax the environment. They can take turns putting songs on their computers; Better yet, set thematic days: “Monday of nostalgia”, “Tuesday of salsa”, “Wednesday of rock”, etc. Do you already know the playlists we create to motivate and concentrate ?

Place a blackboard to write occurrences

Hang a large blackboard, put a lot of down and let your workers take possession of it. You can write work-related things, such as pending lists or brainstorming, but don't limit it to work issues: let them write funny phrases, draw things, etc.

Establish a relaxation room

We all feel overwhelmed from time to time, and we need to disconnect from the world even for a few minutes to recharge energy and clear the mind. Allocate a space in the office so that employees can isolate and rest, or just be silent for a moment.

Place puffs, plants, cushions to meditate … whatever to create a pleasant space. And, of course, a sign on the door that says: “Do not disturb, employee recharging batteries.”

Organize informal meetings

Set aside the classic work meetings – sitting around a table, with Power Point presentations and notebooks in hand – and organize meetings that allow them to feel more at ease. How about going out to coffee once in a while? You can contemplate it in the budget of your company. Or why not ask for something to eat to share while discussing projects?

Organize a happy hour in the office

Remember when, in How I Met Your Mother (How I Met Your Mother), Ted margaritas vending machines placed in the office to make your employees? Margarita Fridays may be too much for you, but you may consider joining the Happy Hour trend at work . One day a week, or when they want to celebrate a special event, offer a toast to your employees in the office. If Dropbox works, why not you?

Bring things to share

Every Friday, try to bring something to eat to share with the rest of the workers: they can be cookies, mini sandwiches, a cake, jelly, coffees … Better if it's healthy foods.

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