10 films for entrepreneurs that can inspire you

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We present you a catalog of tapes that can serve as an example if you have the idea of ​​starting a business or if you already have it.

10 films for entrepreneurs that can inspire you
10 films for entrepreneurs that can inspire you

The 10 films recommended below contain a lot of inspiration that no entrepreneur can miss.

1. Walt the dreamer

This film tells the story of the famous Walt Disney before its icon: Mickey Mouse.

The film shows how Disney had serious difficulties in realizing its dream in the world of animation.

2. The social network

If you haven’t seen the film that tells how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook at Harvard University and how he defends his idea from his enemies, you have to see it.

Zuckerberg is a cut off student and manages to become a young millionaire businessman. Find out how a business idea comes about here.

3. Steve Jobs

The entrepreneurial story of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, is shown in this film, though it’s not the only one that represents the life of this visionary businessman.

Star Ashton Kutcher has been telling the origins of this businessman since he left college to start his business in the garage of his home until he was successful with Apple.

4. Curse of Silicon Valley

This production was originally made for television in 1999, but is now available on Netflix. In recent years, this film has been the inspiration for a whole generation of people who wanted to start their own business.

It shows the great rivalry of two great computer entrepreneurs of the 20th century: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

5. Joy

This film tells the story of Joy Mangano, a young woman with three children who decides that she will not be an easy worker all her life. So this entrepreneur invents the mop.

Her father is the one who supports her in this process of making a kind of cotton-fringed mop, followed by other products that make Joy a remarkable inventor of household products.

6. The reputation of the entrepreneur

This is more than a film, it is a documentary that tells the life of a banker, a milk producer and a Chinese refugee who want to reach the highest point in their lives.

This film production emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurs in the world and for the development of the economy and civilization.

7. Hunger for power

This is the story of Ray Kroc, who was not the founder of McDonald’s, but who brought the franchise to what we know today. An international success.

Kroc was an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity for prosperity and power and knew how to get it, although he didn’t care about ethics or integrity to achieve his business goals. In 1945, Kroc became a failed 52-year-old salesperson to steal his Hamburg business idea from the brothers Dick and Mac McDonald, who started in San Bernardino, California.

8. The Wolf of Wall Street

This film has become a modern classic and a must for business people. This is a drama based on the memories of Wall Street stockbroker Jordan Belfort, whose ambition prompted him to enter federal prison.

In addition, it is perfect for anyone who wants to do something, as it teaches you, among other things, to have confidence in yourself, to be a leader, to sell, to recognize your talent and that of other people.

9. Manolo: the boy who made shoes for lizards

A production from 2017 that represents the career of the legendary shoe designer Manolo Blahnik. This is more than a film, it’s an 89-minute documentary in which the businessman shares details of his creative process.

Along with the testimony of this fashion icon, close friends and famous admirers who testify about the work of this Spaniard, who has built one of the most powerful luxury brands in the world, receive testimony.

10. Coco before Chanel

The film tells the life of the French Coco Chanel, who revolutionized the fashion world to dress women in men’s clothing and to escape from uncomfortable corsets and styles.

The film shows the difficulties of this designer, who had to overcome various obstacles to get what she wanted. This is a film that is especially recommended for women entrepreneurs who need strength and perseverance.

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