10 expert secrets to start a successful YouTube channel

Do you want to know what are the best tips to start? Learn some of the secrets of the best digital marketers in the world.

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10 expert secrets to start a successful YouTube channel
10 expert secrets to start a successful YouTube channel

If you are thinking of entering the world of YouTube , but you do not know where to start, in this article I am going to share 10 of the best secrets to start a successful channel.

During the VidSummit conference we had the opportunity to talk with some of the best digital marketers in the world, and these were the tips they gave us:

If you want to position yourself on YouTube, the most important thing to consider is the playing time of each video. You need to generate interactive videos that make your users see at least 70% of your content.

To be a youtubero you don't need to have an expensive camera or expensive equipment. You can start recording today with your cell phone by adding certain accessories that will improve the audio and image of your videos. Here we leave you some recommendations that Sean Cannel gave us.

Best cheap accessories to start on cell phones:

3. The first 15 seconds are the most important | Sofia Web, Expert in Video Marketing in Latin America

The first 15 seconds of your video are the most important to capture the viewer's attention. Generally that is the time in which the user decides whether to continue watching the video or not. Create dynamic and interesting intros that help retain the attention of the person who is watching it.

4. Use the best apps to Edit your Videos | Dee Nimmin

To edit your videos from your phone, there are many free apps that will help you create incredible videos. Here we leave you the best recommendations that Dee Nimmin gave us to edit your videos:
Best Apps to edit your YouTube videos

Best Computer Programs

  • Adobe premiere elements
  • Final Cut Pro X

5. Use the best free YouTube tools | Andrew Kan optimization specialist

Use free YouTube tools like that will help you optimize your channel and know exactly what keywords people are using. In addition, on this platform you will also find very accurate statistics that will help you improve your YouTube channel.

6. Design YouTube thumbnails that people want to click on | Derral Eves creator of VidSummit

For people to see your video, they first have to click on the thumbnail. Many focus only on content creation, but just as important is the cover photo. Derral Eves has generated more than 55 million visits on his YouTube channels and he recommends that to make thumbnails that attract attention, use bright colors and use few words.

7. Create playlists to get more subscribers | Nick Nimmin YouTube Expert

If you want to have more subscribers, identify which are the videos that more subscribers are giving you. Those data can be seen in your YouTube analytics panel. Once you know what they are, create playlists with those videos and that way you can convert many more users into subscribers.

8. Find out what keywords your users are looking for in a video | Brian G Johnson

In case you didn't know, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Identify exactly what keywords users are searching for on YouTube and create videos on those topics. You can use a tool like TubeBuddy to spy on your competitors' keywords.

YouTube increases the visibility of your videos depending on the interaction you have with your users. One of the best tips to grow your channel is to answer all the comments, since this increases the engagement you have with them and will help you improve the rankings of your videos.

10. Publish videos constantly | Dan Currier of Creator Fundamentals

It is important to be consistent on your YouTube channel. It does not necessarily mean that you have to publish a daily video, but it does schedule every time you are going to upload new content. This will help you be more organized and keep your audience active.

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