10 behaviors that successful people don’t have

The way you act determines what kind of leader you are. Find out if any of these harmful properties are describing you.

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10 behaviors that successful people don’t have
10 behaviors that successful people don’t have

If you’ve worked with it for decades Managers and executivesYou can’t help but see what works and what doesn’t. One thing I’ve seen is that it’s not intrinsic traits or personal habits that determine whether or not you are successful. It is your behavior.

What do I mean by “behavior”? How you react under a lot of stress. How you interact with others, how you relate to customers, how hard you are willing to work to get things right, how focused, disciplined, or distracted you are.

I admit, I’ve met some pretty dysfunctional founders and CEOs in my life who have reacted well for a while. But sooner or later, usually when they are under more pressure and things are not going so well, they have self-destructive behavior that tears them apart. Unfortunately, they collapse their business with them.

If you want to stay alive, take a look in the mirror and see if any of these restrictive behaviors are describing you:

greenness. It always happens, we all start to believe everything, but soon we become connoisseurs, which will improve your chances of reaching the top. The reason is simple: fools don’t win. Learn to question everything you read and hear, always considering the source.

panic. Stressful situations are common in the business world. Things almost never go according to plan and can often go very wrong. If you can’t control your adrenaline and keep calm in times of crisis, you won’t get very far.

bigotry. Passion is great for success, but if you push that line and become a huge fan, it can have an impact on you. I’ve seen it over and over again. This leads to a distorted perception of reality, flawed arguments and bad decisions.

sloth. Those who are ready to achieve great things also know a fundamental truth; it takes hard work; That’s why they’re always focused and disciplined. Most people are lazy.

Fix things quick mentality. Steve Jobs said, “I believe that at least half of what distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones is sheer persistence.” If you are not passionate about what you are doing, then don’t move on. Lots of people want instant gratification and that won’t do you any good.

Express oneself. No matter what feelings you struggle with the most – jealousy, sadness, inferiority – if you transfer them to the people you work with and express yourself in anger, not only will you and your co-workers become unhappy, but your career will too kill.

Selfishness. If you pretend the world is spinning about you you should have the talent to support it. Being a self-centered person decreases your effectiveness. Business isn’t just about you. It’s about your consumers’ experience with the products. Remember who is serving whom in the relationship.

Live in the past or the future. We can learn from the past, but dealing with it is self-destructive. You can also plan and dream about the future, but if your actions are not centered on the present, you will never realize your plans or dreams.

indifference. Sure, you often hear sentences like “whatever works” or “everything is fine” and “don’t worry,” but rarely do you hear them from satisfied people. They can be many things, but they are not apathetic.

Hypersensitivity. If you are not thick and if criticism affects and offends you, you will have gross experiences in the business world. There are good reasons why leaders have a good sense of humor and humility. It’s like a requirement, don’t take it too seriously.

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