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10 behaviors that educated people should avoid to make a deal

June 20, 2020

Building good relationships, applying etiquette and protocol rules can make you more influential and increase your chances of doing business.

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10 behaviors that educated people should avoid to make a deal10 behaviors that educated people should avoid to make a deal

Build good relationships with other people and behave well with them, will make you more influentialBecause that will result in more people wanting to get closer to you, which increases the opportunities for negotiating business and projects. As an entrepreneur, it is important that you apply the etiquette and protocol rules at every opportunity, as this also says a lot about your personal image and can be compromised if you report yourself as poorly behaved, rude and uninterested. It’s about being empathetic and kind to others. Treat them the way you want to be treated.

It is never too late to learn and leave positive traces. Here we share the 10 behaviors that educated people should avoid.

1. Arrive in time.

Although punctuality reflects politeness and politeness, it is a lack of consideration to arrive much earlier. It is very likely that the person will only prepare the details of the activity and arrive long in advance to feel very uncomfortable. If it happens to you, just wait for the time to come. Avoid sending him a message that he is here.

2. Call the person to find out where they come from.

If you’ve called a meeting and the person hasn’t arrived, don’t despair and give them adequate time. Don’t call ahead to see where you’re from, especially since you may be driving to the location.

3. Deny what they offer you to drink.

If you’re offered something to drink, accept it, at least ask for water if you can’t have other drinks.

4. Do not answer the message when you ask a question.

If someone sends you a message by post or cell phone, answer it even if you should say no. Don’t make the person wait, and you probably don’t want it to happen.

5. Details of the visit cannot be coordinated in advance.

If you are the host and invite someone to your home or office, coordinate in advance if the person is in the parking lot, if they are allergic to food, and send them the unique address of their home or office. Be polite, that speaks well of you. Make sure that your guests feel comfortable and not the opposite.

6. End the program without saying goodbye to the host.

If for any reason you have to go, tell the host, don’t go without saying goodbye. It is rude to leave without warning, especially if you were the guest.

7. Be late.

Of course, this is a golden rule, but few follow it. Keep in mind that other appointments may be planned for the person, and it is also tasteless to have someone wait.

8. Do not notify if you will not be attending.

If you are unable to attend for compelling reasons, please let the host know. Take the time necessary to warn that you cannot arrive so that the person can have your place and avoid unnecessary preparations.

9. Apologize to everyone for being late.

If you are late, notify in advance. When you come in, just apologize to the host, don’t go public, don’t try to interrupt.

10. Ask them to repeat what they saw at the meeting.

Don’t ask them to repeat what they talked about at the meeting if you were late. Keep in mind that other people may do other things after the meeting. If you repeat what you could not hear, others will only experience delays. Be considerate.