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The passage of ‘Zeta’ through the United States leaves at least two dead and thousands of people without electricity

By Darryl S. Slawson October 29, 2020 News
At least two people have died after Hurricane 'Zeta' landed in the southern state of Louisiana in the United States while hundreds of thousands of people en route through Mississippi are without power and en route to Mississippi, neighboring Alabama…

The Peruvian Congress postponed the debate on the motion of censure against President Martín Vizcarra

By Darryl S. Slawson October 29, 2020 News
The President of the Peruvian Congress, Manuel Merino de Lama, announced this Wednesday that the vote to approve a motion of censure against the President of the country, Martín Vizcarra, for the allegations that accuse him of corruption in two…

Colombia adds more than 8,700 COVID-19 infections and expands selective isolation in November

By Darryl S. Slawson October 29, 2020 News
The number of positives for coronavirus in Colombia since the health crisis began is 1,041,935 accumulated cases, with 8,717 new positives emerging in the last 24 hours before the country's president Iván Duque announced the extension of isolation up selectively…

Children in the poorest countries have missed almost four months of school since the pandemic began

By Darryl S. Slawson October 29, 2020 News
Children in the poorest countries have missed nearly four months of school since the coronavirus health crisis began, compared to the average six weeks children lost in high-income countries, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) report , Science and Culture…

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing the Australian stock exchange to postpone its DLT restructuring until 2023

By Amber Baxter October 29, 2020 Bitcoin
The Australian Securities Market (ASX) delayed the move to blockchain for the third time, citing complications from the COVID-19 pandemic and additional comments from the parties involved.According to an update from ASX dated October 28th The exchange has officially delayed…

A former US national security official admits denouncing an internal conspiracy to stop Trump

By Darryl S. Slawson October 29, 2020 News
A former US National Security official during the presidential tenure, Donald Trump, confessed his identity after publishing an article under the pseudonym "Anonymous" in the American newspaper "The New York Times" in 2018 in which he published criticized the president,…

Thousands of people are demonstrating in the streets of Poland for the seventh year in a row for abortion reform

By Darryl S. Slawson October 29, 2020 News
For the seventh time in a row, the streets of several cities in Poland have been the scene of massive protests against the new and even more restrictive abortion law, which has gathered thousands of people in front of the…

Colombia denies its embassy interference in Washington in favor of Trump’s Republican candidacy

By Darryl S. Slawson October 29, 2020 News
MADRID, A29 (EUROPE PRESS) Colombian Foreign Minister Claudia Blum denied Wednesday that officials from the country's embassy in Washington had met with supporters and workers of the Republican campaign for the upcoming November 3 presidential election in the United States.

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